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Grilled fish Photos

Grilled fish

  Refers to the grilled fish,flash in people's mind is often fish or dried fish of palm size,they are directly roasting over charcoal like mutton shashlik or beef shashlik.Put a little salt,pepper and other spices and eat it when it was finished.But the recipe of the popular Sichuan flavor grilled fish is totally different from the traditional roast method.It uses the unique approach that first roast then stew.It fusions the essence of two cooking techniques roast and stew.It is a new change in  grilled fish.Now the mentioned "grilled fish" mostly refers to "Sichuan flavor fish".The grilled fish is a characteristic  food that originated in Wuxi county Chongqing and promoted in Wanzhou.In the process of development,it combined salt,roast,stew three cooking methods.It fully references to the traditional Chongqing cuisine and Chongqing hot pot materials characteristics and become a kind of food with unique taste and rich nutrition.

  First put the fish flat in the iron clip after dissected and washed,then put on the stove grill it with charcoal.After that put it on the special iron plate,pour the sauce that combined the spicy oil,sugar,pepper and chili.the last you can put some tasty vegetables like celery and sprouted beans on it.The grilled fish has more than ten kinds of flavors.There is always a taste suit for you.

  There are protein, calcium, phosphorus,vitamin B1 in fish,It can enhance the ability of memory, thinking and analysis.Sitting around the table,chatting with family and friends while eating,is a happy and relax thing.

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Join this popular 4 days 3 nights Yangtze River cruise tour from Chongqing to Yichang, enjoy a relaxing trip in China and view the amazing scenery along the way, explore the historical sites such as Shibaozhai Pogoda, Three Gorges Dam etc, best cruise facilities and various interesting activities for having fun.  


3 Nights 4 Days Yangtze River Cruise Tour from Chongqing to Yichang

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Take the classic 1 day Chongqing tour and have a comprehensive understanding of Chongqing city by visiting historical Ciqikou Old Town, learn famous Three Gorges and Three Gorges Dam project, marvel at the incredible transportation project at Liziba and enjoy amazing night view at Hongya Cave.


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Take the advantage of convenient hotel transfer to UNESCO Heritage Site-Dazu Rock Carvings, explore Chinese history by enjoying the thousands of vivid stone carvings, admire the jaw-dropping 1,000 handed Buddha. Get undivided attention from your private tour guide on this amazing tour!


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Best 2 days Chongqing private tour for the first time visitor, enjoy the classic site in the downtown area, visit Goose Neck Park, the perfect observation spot for an overview of whole city, travel to the historical Ciqikou Old Town and Three Gorges Museum, be amazed at the transportation system of Chongqing. Take a spare day to visit the UNESCO heritage site-Dazu Rock Carvings and admire the excellent grottoes carvings.


2 Days Chongqing and Dazu Rock Carvings Tour

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