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Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces

Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces

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City / Province : Guilin
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Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces is the most amazing terrace in China! Construction of the terraces began in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), and continued until the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) when construction was completed.The Longji Rice Terraces are the culmination of both the profound wisdom and strenuous labor of the Zhuang people.

Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces

Dragon ridge terrace with the modelling of creations, like poem of artistic conception, its size and boldness of vision, stereo sense is strong, the beauty of line and color is rich and protection of ethnic culture full of dust by the terrace, in the world.

 is one of the leading landscape in Longsheng. In southeastern Long Shengxian township in Guilin, there is a  large scale of terraced fields, such as chain belt, from the foot wound to the top of the hill,

  , such as screw,like, the layer cascade folds, strewn at random discretion. It builds, since the yuan dynasty collection of magnificent and beautiful as a whole, the well is. Terraced fields such as chain belt, from the foot wound to the top of the hill, hill, such as screw,like, the layer cascade folds, strewn at random discretion. Terraces highest elevation 880 meters, the lowest 380 meters, vertical drop of 500 meters. It lines as flowing, natural and unrestrained smooth;the size of the majestic spectacle. It is interesting to note that in this vast as the sea of terraced fields in the world, the largesta mu, most can only be kind of a thing or two rows of grain "ribbon hill" and "turn day (the frog) jump three" in the field. Terraced landscapewith the seasons, fold the silver cord,green waves, autumn Jin Jie,of, tell you a little secret, the best opportunity to enjoy dragon ridge terrace is the "grain in ear" and "Mid-Autumn festival" before and after two seasons. "Grain in ear" for the local villagers of the spring planting season, but see the cloud and mist diffuses in the attic between terraces, as a mirror of the tiller terrace dotted with cattle, dressed in red, green seedlings, is absolutely a majestic creature freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting; "Mid-Autumn festival" season, golden brown. Dragon ridge is mainly inhabited by, it is said that this is the best preserved in Guangxi Zhuang the mountain and built thebuilding, it is said that most of the villagers here from coastal areas of Shandong, to express their memorial with respect to the sea, the headdress of the villagersthe blue and white ribbon. Villagers and colorful national costumes, and the curve of the terracesthe grandeur of custom images.

  From the water rushing river valley, to the white clouds around the hill, fromforest to the front of the rock cliffs, wherever there is soil, has opened up a terrace. The vertical height in the five or six, transverse stretching five or six. The ups and downs, towering mountains,primary level on the blue sky? "Jacob's ladder", like elegantly large abstract painting between heaven and earth... The hearts of each to see thewill be deeply shocked. This is a kind of words can't describe, one is the nature of theand people caused by the process of the shock.

  Yu Qingchu dragon ridge terrace was built in the yuan dynasty, was completed, more than 650 years ago. Dragon ridge mountains from ancestors who hadn't thought of, they use blood and the life out of terraced fields, unexpectedly became so enchanting natural curve of the world. In the long years, people to survive in the nature of the strong will, in understanding nature and develop their wisdom and strength, are fully reflected here.

  Come here all the year round landscape different, spring, water full fields, such as clusters of silver chain mountain; The summer solstice, better grain sprouting, like a big green waves from the sky have; Autumn, grain ChenDian, like less gold tower brain power-computer. Winter, snow bumper harvest, if inside white jadeby laying bricks or stones in the cloud. Thisain the world. It is interesting to note that in this vast as the sea terraces in the world, the largesta mu, most is only one line of, thus there are "the hemp fiber over the fields".

  Longji terraced fields scenic two nationalities inhabited by zhuang, yao, give priority to with zhuang, dragon ridge zhuang is the representative of north zhuang costume is unique, unconventional, here you can see the zhuang folk dance of of primitive simplicity and protection of the zhuang costume, can hear the beautiful zhuang folk songs, enjoy the authentic zhuang nationality amorous feelings, traditional custom ZhuangXiang dwellings, aroma pure copper, beautiful dragon ridge, Confucius dance, play pole is refreshing, in addition, there are the ZhuangXiang local-style dwelling houses of of primitive simplicity, dragon and dragon ridge ridge tea aroma pure beauty pepper, this person cardiopulmonary "Oriental MoShui" - the golden dragon ridge.

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