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Dong Chorus

Dong Chorus is popular in Liping county, Congjiang County and Rondjiang County in Guizhou, and the Sanjiang Dong village in Guixi in southern China. It is China's national intangible cultural heritage and one of the human intangible cultural heritage which is listed on UNESCO Heritage in 2009. It is a kind of polyphonic, non-conductor, non-accompaniment and natural chorus in the Dong minority groups.  The Dong Chorus originates from the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period with a history of more than 2500 years. The main content about the Dong Chorus includes imitated sound from nature, such as bird sound, chirp, flowing streams, children’s song etc. There are seven categories for the chorus, covering the graceful melody, romantic relationship, persuading, storytelling etc. Although the lyrics are simple, the form of the Dong Chorus is complex, changeable and solemn, which seems to be more lyrical and meaningful. Taught by masters to choirs of disciples, Dong Chorus are performed formally in the drum tower, the landmark venue for rituals, entertainment, and meetings in Dong village, or more spontaneously in homes or public places. With its unique way of singing, Dong Chorus described its history and culture, belief, marriage, education, sociology in the unity of humans and nature.

Lusheng Festival

Lusheng Festival Lusheng Festival is the grandest festival in the Miao minority group. The annual festival, named after a reed-pipe wind instrument Lusheng, is also a playground for traditional activities such as Lusheng-playing and Lusheng dance. Different regions have a different date for Lusheng Festival, it comes from the good day, celebrating good harvest or tales of the legend according to local customs. In general, the Lusheng Festival will start to hold by venerable elders worshiping the ancestors and each family will do the same thing at home. Afterward, thousands of men and boys will play the Lusheng pipes while girls dress their elegant finery that consists of embroidered costume and silver jewelry. They circle in one, enjoying singing and dancing together. The festival will last around 5 days, it’s quite touching to view this magnificent scene. Zhouxi and Gulong Lusheng FestivalThe small Lusheng Festival will be held at Kaili, Majiang, Danzhai, Leishan etc, then held a large Lusheng Festival at Zhouxi in Kaili city and Gulong at Huangping county which are the grandest in Guizhou. Zhouxi Lusheng Festival will start from 16th to 20th of the first lunar month every year, while Gulong Lusheng Festival will start from 27th to 29 of the ninth lunar month every year. During the festival, people from nearby cities and counties will come to the party, boys will put some wild chicken feathers on his pipe and blow in groups. Thousands of pipes create melodious music and the scene looks so spectacular! Besides, other exciting entertaining activities will take place during the festival, such as bullfighting, drum beating, horse racing, hiking, climbing trees etc. As the development of society, adding modern activities in the festival such as chicken or bird flighting, tug of war, basketball and chess games etc. Kaili International Lusheng FestivalThe first Kaili International Lusheng Festival held in 1999. It combines the essence of the fold customs, integrating national culture, sports, food, technology. Now it has become an important method to communicate culture, attract businesses and investment, develop the economy.

Sisters’ Meal Festival

Sisters’ Meal Festival, also called Eating Sisters’ Rice Festival, is known as Valentine’s Day in Miao village. The festival will last three days, celebrating from the 15th to the 17th day of the third lunar month every year. Travelers can view the festival activities at Taijiang county, Shidong Town and Laotun village, etc.  HistoryThere are several legends about the origin of Sisters’ Meal Festival. The most accepted story is the love story about Jindan and Ajiao. They fell in love but got resistance from their parents. But they dated secretly and Ajiao always brought rice in her basket to Jindan. At last, they got married and lived happily. After hundreds of years, there are more than 800 girls in Shitong town and 800 boys in Sanbing Datand who keep single for a long time. The elders taught girls to do the same things as Ajiao, inviting boys in Sanbian Datang to enjoy homemade rice, join in singing and dancing parties. In this way, these lovesick ladies find their soul mates. Perceiving the advantage of this love match activity, Miao people preserve it in the form of a settled festival, which remains a romantic and effective way to find true love. What’s to See and DoColoured Glutinous RiceAccording to the traditional customs in the Miao minority group, Miao girls will pick wildflowers, leaves, berries to extract the color, then dye the glutinous rice into red, green, yellow, black and white color and steam. These rice balls are presented to the young men who come to visit, and each treasure inside the rice bowl has a different meaning. Red chopsticks mean ”I like you, let’s date!”, leaves or pine needles mean “You should give me embroidery needles to keep in touch”, while a single chopstick, onion garlic or chili mean “Sorry, I don’t like you”. Miao Girl’s Beauty ContestThis activity is the highlight of this festival, many Miao girls dress up their beautiful costumes(colorful embroidered skirts, blouses, aprons) and silver neck rings, bracelets, anklets, earrings, hair ornaments ect. The whole suit weighs about 15 kilograms. Thousands of the girls wearing the beautiful silver ornament walk on the street, it looks like the street flood with the silver sea. Dazzling silver ornaments shine beautifully in the sunshine, quite interesting and spectacular!PerformanceThe exciting festival also includes twelve rice wine blocks, singing and Lusheng dancing performance, folk customs show, campfire party, bullfighting, catch fish and shrimp, drum beating, etc.

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