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Dragon Tower

Dragon Tower

Tour Code : C2085
Type : Views of the city
City / Province : Harbin
Built in :


Dragon Tower is 336 meters tall, and serves as a television tower as well as an observation deck. Visitors travel to the top in a glass elevator – giving visitors the opportunity to view their surroundings while going up to the top of the tower,It has become a landmark in Harbin and also the highest steel structure in Asia.

Dragon Tower

Dragon Tower is the Heilongjiang Broadcast and TV Tower. It is the landmark for Harbin. The tower is 336 meter high and the most famous steel tower in Asia. The best place traveling in Harbin is dragon tower. Dragon Tower is a complex for broadcast and TV, tourism, restaurant, entertainment, AD broadcast, wireless telecommuter. Since it is opened from 2000dragon tower has become one of ten best scenes, the landmark of province Heilongjiang, the hottest tourist spot in Heilongjia and listed as the national 5A tourist spotsIn 2008, dragon tower joined the world high tower association. In 2008 and 2009, dragon tower got the prize “pioneering and best employee”. Dragon tower covers an area of 15991 square meters. The base of is 12951 square and the tower building is 3040 square meters. The tower base is composed of the underground floor and four floors above ground. The base is made into a spherical crown, which houses the sacred altar commemorating our forefather - YanhuangThe tower halls are located from 181m to 206m, consisting of a flying saucer in the bottom and a ball-shape hallthe first floor, there is the sacred altarancestors for Chinese. In province Heilongjiang, it is the only view exhibition withof Chinese as.

On the second floor, there is the exhibition of beauty Heilongjiang. The wall painting is 269.2long and covers an area over 716.435 square meters. It exhibits the best spots in province Heilongjiang.

the second floor, there is a self-helping park. It is named as “Youth Science Base” which adopted projects from, at the same time, there are many interactive participating objects for visitors. There is one dinosaur worldthe artificial dinosaur, Dinosaur fossil and interactive talk. There is a built-in 3D stereo art museum and dynamic 4D cinema too.

At the height of 206 meters, there are over 100 various types of “FU” with total number 10000. It is the highest hall for seeking to be blessedAt the height of 210 meters, there is a trapeze. It istrapeze in China.

At the height of 181 meters, the "Exciting Ring" isglass walkway in the world. It has a perimeter of 60 meters.

At the height of 186 meters, there is a revolving buffet restaurant. It can house 500 people dining at the samethe height of 190, there is an open view platform circling the main structure. You can have a 360 degree view on the whole city.

At the height of 203 meters, there is a special showroom to exhibit the cultural relics relative to the religion dating back to the Tang Dynasty.

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