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Fried Pork in Scoop Photos

Fried Pork in Scoop

  Fried pork in scoop

  Fried pork in scoop is a dish from northeast and originally made by cook Zheng,xingwen, a private cook for a high-rank officer of Harbin.

  There are 48 ethnics in province Heilongjiang. The dish of northeast is salty, fresh, sour, sweet and spicy. The dish is mainly salty and flesh, next sour and sweet and last spicy. In the immigration period, lots of cuisine outside especially from the south entered northeast area. The northeast cuisine absorbs the southern way of stewing and boiling and bears special taste outside Shanhaiguan Pass. Fried pork in scoop is a main dish of northeastern cuisine. Fried pork in scoop is sour and sweet, mainly sour, the next sweet. The best vinegar used in the dish is rice vinegar with concentration at about 30 degrees. When cooking, the vinegar can not be mixed with water. The dish can not be used with mature vinegar. When starching, better taste first for reaching the best flavor.

  In order to meet the taste of foreigner, the salty and fresh taste of fried pork in scoop turns into sweet and sour taste. The pork loin was prickled at first and then wrapped with starch, deep-fried for golden color, re-cook for starchy. When it is served, it has bright-golden color with sweet and sour taste.

  Fried pork in scoop is a famous cuisine of north east. For normal dish, there is fragrance, color, taste and shape, but for this special dish, sound is added. When chews the dish, the sound is similar to have popcorn.

  In Qing Dynasty, 6 year old Zheng,xingwen came to Beijing and became interest in cooking skills. Later he became a student of a famous cook of Huaiyang cuisine. In 1907, Zheng, xinwen began to work as an kitchen cook for the local government of Harbin. The government often offer banquet to foreigners, especially from Russia. In order to meet the taste of foreigner, the salty and fresh taste of fried pork in scoop turns into sweet and sour taste. Since then, Harbin became hometown of Fried pork in scoop.

  Russian guest like the dish so much and ordered this dish every time. Because it is a deep-fried dish with big fire, the juice often pours into the meat in the hot pot, thus got the name as “Guobaorou”. Because of special pronunciation of Russian on “Bao”, after a while, the dish got the present name as “Fried pork in scoop”.

  Before the Xi'an Incident, the three provinces of north eastern area were under control of Family zhang. Many dishes made by government cook are private and forbidden. After Japan invaded Heilongjiang, many private dishes passed outside. Fried pork in scoop began to pass around in Harbin and area beyond. Residents of Liaoning made some renovation on fried pork in scoop and the last step was taken place by tomato sauce which makes the dish similar to cherry meat of Harbin and less crispy.

  Pork loin contain protein, fat and Vitamin for human growth. Pork loin is soft, tender and very digestive. Additionally, heme (iron) and cysteine, which promotes iron absorption, can improve iron deficiency anemia. Pork treats febrile diabetes, emaciation, weak kidney, postpartum blood deficiency, dry cough, constipation, tonic, nourishing Yin, moistening, nourishing liver yin, moistening skin, diuresis and anti-diabetes.

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