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Qiao Family Compound

Qiao Family Compound

Tour Code : C1753
Type : Historic sites
City / Province : Shanxi (Datong、Pingyao)
Built in : 1756.A.D


Qiao Family Compound dwelling house of a big business family surnamed Qiao in Shangxi province from the end of Qing Dynasty (1636-1911) to a famous buildings in the world,not only because it has those magnificent architectural houses,but more importantly because it dramatic architecture technique.Carved brick,wood and painting can be found everywhere.

Qiao Family Compound

 The Qiao Family Courtyard lies in the beautiful and richly endowed Jinzhong basin of

Shanxi. It is greatly admired as a very special artistic treasure by both common people and architects; it is also one of the ten best tourist spots in Shanxi Province.
Qiao Family Grand Courtyard
The first generation of Qiao's family, Qiao Guifa, started business from a shoestring. He braved Xikou and beyond to arrive at Baotou of North China's Inner Mongolia, where he finally became a tycoon and monopolized Baotou's commerce.

 Qiao family's business reached the top in the family's second-generation, when their bank house opened in Beijing, Tianjin, Northeast China, and the Yangtze valley. It is estimated that the Qiao family's property was worth an equivalent of nearly 10 billion yuan in modern time.

  The Qiao Family Courtyard was built in during the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1711-99) in the Qing Dynasty, and occupied 8,724.8 square meters of land, consisting of 6 large yards and 20 small yards with 313 houses in total. It was repaired and rebuilt many times during the reigns of emperors Tongzhi and Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty and the beginning years of the Republic of China (1911-1949). It was an old Chinese residential courtyard that thrived for over two centuries. When you look down at the overallground, it looks just like"喜喜"double happiness in Chinese.
  Entering into the gate of the courtyard, first, you will see an 80-meter-long straight stone pavement that divides 6 courtyards into a northern and southern row. There are slope protections between the pavements and nearby walls.  

      The Qiao family's ancestral temple is at the end of the western side, which directly faces the gate. There are 4 main buildings and 6 other structures, such as a gate pavilion and theand Tiao pavilions. The sidewalks on the roof of every yard are connected to allow for patrol.
  Viewed from outside, the residency is serious and grand, with long yards; viewed from inside, it is splendid and orderly, reflecting the residential style of big families in feudal society in North China.
  The courtyard's three sides face the street, while the courtyard itself is completely surrounded by a 10-meter-high sealed water-milled brick wall. Yards and houses are linked with other yards and houses while the sidewalks above row upon row of roofs - such as the Xuanshan, Xieshan, Yingshan, Juanpeng, and Horizon roofs -- link up the battlements.

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