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Shanxi Slice Noodles Photos

Shanxi Slice Noodles

  Shanxi slice noodle

  Shanxi slice noodle is sourced from Taiyuan province Shanxi in 12 century. It is ranked as one of four famous noodle dishes in Shanxi and one of five national noodle fishes in China. It is qualified as king of noodle. The noodle is internal virtual but outside is hard, soft and smooth and very digestive. According to records, Shanxi slice noodle was originally from Shanxi, is a hot-boiled dish widely circulated in the public. In province Shanxi, regardless city or village, women, young lady and men all can make the Shanxi slice noodle. Among Shanxi slice noodles, the most famous is Datong Shanxi slice noodle.

  Shanxi slice noodle is a gourmet of local residents in Shanxi. It is famous for special taste. Shanxi slice noodle is cut manually, thus got the name. The sliced noodle cut by knife is thick in the middle, but thin from two sides, with a clear edge cut, in the shape of willow leaves. When bite, smooth outside but hard inside, soft but not sticky, with more bite, more tasty, welcomed by dinners.

  The dough needs to be hard, harder than dough of dumpling. After rest, make the dough smooth. When make the dough, all force needs to come from one direction. After the first cut from right corner of the dough, the next cut should be from the route of the first cut and the third is the same too. The same, the second skin cut is after the first skin cut too, if not good for cutting, then make the dough again for continue.

  Regarding Shanxi slice noodle, there is a fable. It is said Mongolian conquered yellow river and set up Yuan Dynasty. In order to be against public rebellion, they took away all mineral utensils and made some rules. Ten families use one knife and take turns to use the knife while cooking, after cooking, the knife should be returned back to Mongolian. One noon, when an old man step out of the door of one Mongolian, he was touched by a thin iron slice on the floor, he picked it up and brought home. After he returned home, the whole family was waiting for having lunch. But he did not bring knife back, but suddenly, he thought of the iron slice. He asked his wife to use the iron slice for cutting noddle. Because the iron slice is soft, so his wife used the iron slice cut dough into slices into hot water, dipped with sauce, all family found the noodle was so delicious. Later the cooking method is passing around across whole Shanxi.

  “Shanxi slice noodle wakes me up from the dream and made me taste home”. While eating Shanxi slice noodle, while hearing the songs “the best scenery in Shanxi”, one will have a real good experience of travelling to Shanxi.

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