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Hongya Cave (Hongyadong)

Hongya Cave (Hongyadong)

Tour Code : C2431
Type : Historic sites
City / Province : Chongqing
Built in : 314 BC


Visit a site with over 2300 years in history renowned amongst tourists to celebrate Bayu Culture set in a touristy city environment with an urban cultural landscape. The beautiful night view can't be missed if you travel to Chongqing.

Hongya Cave (Hongyadong)


Hongya cave is situated at the riverside area of River Yangtze and Jialing River where two rivers meet and is close to an important business circle of Chongqing Jiefangbei Cangbai Road. The cave is an AAA key travel project that as it was the key landscape engineering in Chongqing. It is a military fortress built during the ancient Ba State and the Ming and Qing Dynasties between 1046 B.C. and 1911. The site currently has a large scale stilt house complex constructed next to a steep cliff on the bank of River Jialing. During ancient times, the site used to be the most developed pier. The rich Bayu culture in this area is loudly pronounced by stilted buildings that form the main body of Hongya Cave.

Things to see and do on a visit


This is an 11-storey stilt house standing at 75 meters high. The most fascinating thing about this building is that the 1st floor and the 11th floor are accessible by two different paths. It is particularly popular due to the fact that it resembles a building in Spirited Away which is a masterpiece of a famous Japanese cartoonist named Hayao Miyazaki.

Features of Different Floors of Hongya Cave

The 1st Floor is what people use to go directly to Jialing River for a night cruise or a blow.

The 2nd Floor houses Chongqing tourism commodity center where visitors can see different Chongqing specialties like traditional textiles and bamboo weaving. In addition, visitors can also see the symbolic Hongya Dripping which is a small waterfall cascading down the cliff-face.

The 3rd Floor is quite interesting and has different sectors of the workshop of the old street with an ancient road, a waterfall, bridge amongst many other scenic spots.

The 4th floor is occupied by Tianchengxiang Bayu Culture Street showing traditional local dwellings with grey tiles and red eaves. There are also many restaurants serving traditional dishes like Hot and sour rice noodles, Chongqing hotpot, walnut cookies and pork dumplings.

The 9th and 10th Floors also have restaurants serving foreign dishes like Korean snacks and Japanese dishes like as pasta etc.

The 11th Floor is home to amazing views of the stilt house and River Jialing. Visitors can buy handicrafts and exotic garnitures on this floor as they enjoy coffee and burgers on the go.

Night views

Visitors can also get to see a fascinating night view of Hongya Cave between 18:00 to 22:00. Warm lanterns and lamps dotting the stilt house illuminate the place and when the lights are reflected on the water surface the appearance is shiny, magnificent and heavenly making it look like a dream. This nightscape is something not to be missed.


Tiancheng Lane

Tiancheng lane on Bayu Custom Street is home to 2300 years of Bayu prosperity with classical architecture complexes painted blue with red-green eaves.

Urban Street Balcony 

This urban street balcony is the biggest urban traffic switching station in Chongqing city. This parking lot is unique feature holding up to 40 cars.

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