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Longshuixia Fissure

Longshuixia Fissure

Tour Code : C2318
Type : Natural landscape
City / Province : Chongqing
Built in :


Longshuixia Fissure is a geological wonder and the core scenic spot of karst world natural heritage in south China. The mountains, canyons and running water in the scenic area constitute a perfect landscape picture for catching your eyes.

Longshuixia Fissure

Fissure is located at the southern foot of in,. It is a geological wonder and the core scenic spot of world natural heritage in south China. Formed tens of millions of years ago by, it is a typicallandscape. As its name suggests, the earth is bombed with a ground seam. . The narrowest bottom is only a meter away, the widest place is less than 10 meters, and the height between the gap and the bottom is 350 meters. The stream is gurgling at the bottom. The two sides of the canyon are as sharp as knives and axes, even at noon, the sun is difficult to reach the bottom. When roaming at bottom, as if you were in the depths of the earth or exploring the tunnel through time and space. The Fissure is 4 kilometers long, about 2 kilometers long and 200 - 500 meters deep.


Therea 80 meters water curtain in Longshuixia Fissure. In the ground seam, there are old trees and vines coiling, the spring roaming against the steep canyon wall, odd rock emerging. Looking up from the ground, it is almost a thousand feet high, for feeling dizzy on wondering where to go.Fissure is a condensed version of thecanyonwith the full length 4 kilometers. The mountain road is curved with green trees, the stream is gurgling with mist, and the quiet ground seam is heart beating. While walking in the plank road the flowing water at the to the terrain change, up and down, quick and slow.


The mountains, canyons and running water in the scenic area constitute a perfect landscape picture. Ground-seam canyons are deep and tortuous, with thousands of walls standing. Looking up, there is only a line of blue sky, peaks and clouds surging, coupled with hanging waterfalls and flowing springs. Wandering through the valley, the precipice, eddy caves, cracks, shallow beaches,, waterfalls, springs, caves and other geological relics have a complete view. Fissure is a better scenic spot forand exploration. Assorted facilities are perfect, and tourist trestle roads, sightseeing elevators, parking lots and reception halls have been built. Attention has been paid to environmental protection in the construction of scenic spots, which has created good results without any construction waste left behind after the construction of scenic spots, and has been praised by environmental experts and tourists.

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