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Three Gorges Museum

Three Gorges Museum

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City / Province : Chongqing
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The Three Gorges Museum collected a large number of relics objects from the Three Gorges reservoir area, which truly reflect the original appearance of the Three Gorges area.and show the history of the development of Chongqing city.

Three Gorges Museum

Situated opposite the Chongqing People HallChongqing Three Gorges Museum is not only the largest monographic museum in China, but also a public undertaking for the preservation, education, scientific research in respect of cultural relics and the natural environment of Chongqing and Three Gorges area. Occupying the area of 30,000 square metersthe museum was completed and opened to the public on Jun 18 , 2005 with the construction area of 42,500 square metersIt was the first large museum with the title of " China " named by the State Council Office of the People's Republic of China beyondBeijingIt helps you to have a pre-view ofthe Three Gorges with high technology from all aspects. Furthermore, a 360 degree cinema of Three Gorges mainly shows the natural and social sceneries of Three Gorges prior to the construction of the dam project.       

      Entering the Museum, you could watch four basic presentations:
  "The Splendid Three Gorges"-reflecting the history and culture of the Three Gorges"Far-Ancient Ba Yu"- introducing the origination of the local history"The Urban Development of Chongqing"-stating the transitional process of Chongqing"Anti-Japanese Days" - telling the stories occurred in Anti - Japanese period Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum is the nonprofit cultural education institutions to protect, research and exhibit historical and cultural heritage and human environment of material evidence of Chongqing and Three Gorges Area, is an important cultural infrastructure where carry forward and cultivate the national spirit. Three Gorge Museum and Chongqing Museum merged into one museum. It is located in the west ofof ChongqingHall, between ChongqingHall and Chongqing Three Gorges is Chongqing People Square, covers an area of 40000 square meters in the middle. These three buildinga "trinity" city landmark buildings.


  Three Gorges Museum on the basis ofalready developed into, and there are more than several million of all kinds of cultural relics, all kinds of books, precious materials.
  In numerous collections, the most famousrelics in-culture relic, Sichuan Han portrait brick, portrait, stone figurines. Among cultural relics handed down from ancient times, famous calligraphy and painting since the Song dynasty, all previousancient porcelain, purple sand ware in Ming and Qing dynasties, all previouscoins, each generation steles, jade, bamboo artifacts, silk and southwest national cultural relics and so on, are systematically collected. Contemporary and modern cultural relics are rich and distinctive. Three Gorges Museumattention to the selection of important typical representative folk arts and crafts around Sichuan, in order to vividly reproduce the real life of people of all ethnic groups in the exhibition.

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