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Mutton shashlik

  Mutton shashlik is the most famous national flavor snack.Chinese and foreign tourists who come here to visit, almost no one does not eat Mutton shashlik.Mutton shashlik can be said as the most popular snack around the country.It can be seen everywhere the urban and rural areas, streets and markets.It is loved by the broad masses.  From the archaeological data,as early as one thousand and eight hundred years ago,there is Mutton shashlik in the mainland of China.In the picture brick of ancient Han dynasty,there is picture brick of Mutton shashlik.Mawangdui tomb unearthed the fan that used for barbecue.  The mutton is better to use the lean one,or the mixture of fat and lean mutton,dislodge the muscles and bones.So the finished Mutton shashlik will be soft and tender,One can't even set his teeth in it if the meat is full of muscle.Cumin powder is essential flavoring.It is like big anise,It has a special aroma after it was ground into powder.If a shop does not use cumin powder,the Mutton shashlik will not have the authentic taste.Clip, fork, shovel are the three basic tools for barbecue.The clip is used to clip the raw food,the fork can be used to fix and test whether the food is raw or cooked,the shovel is a very good tool for turning around the food.  It is very critical to select material and have a good control of baking temperature.The finished Mutton shashlik is Garnet-red color,it is spicy and hot,fragrant.It has much oil but not greasy and does not have the strong smell of mutton.The outer is crisp and the inner is tender.It has a special taste.The folk traditional Mutton shashlik can be the flavor fast food along the street,it can also be used to entertain guests.The authentic Mutton shashlik has the the color of brown and shiny like Roast Whole Lamb.When it comes to select materials,it is not as strict as Roasted Whole Lamb.The difference between the two is the size and the concrete method of roasting,but the same point is they are both delicious.

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