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Ten-mile Gallery

Ten-mile Gallery

Tour Code : C2037
Type : Natural landscape
City / Province : Guilin
Built in : Natural landscape


Ten-mile Gallery in Yangshuo is the scenic spot you should not miss. It is situated in the Moon Mountain of Yangshuo.alongside have tourist attractions like Big Banyan Tree, butterfly spring, ancient totem path,Yulong River,Dragon Pool,the best way to visit is to ride bike.

Ten-mile Gallery

  Ten-mile Gallery
Ten-mile gallery is a ten-mile road with Karst landscapes along the whole road. Distributed with the Moon mountain, Butterfly Spring, large banyan and other scenic spots, “ten-miles gallery” is afor the beautyTen-mile Gallery is a must-go area for. Ten-mile galleryfor walking, sitting on the bamboo raft or bicycling tour. Along the road, there are dotted with mountains in elegant shape, green vast land, aboriginal villages, and even courtyard style building which forms a water-color painting of ancient civilization. There are many mountain-climbing spots scatter around Ten-mile Gallery. Many mountain-climbing lovers came here as an honor.

Carter once visited Yangshuo. Instead touring Ten-mile Gallery by vehicle, heto ride bicycle. Because from the bodyguards, Cater had already known that the best way to travel in Ten-mile Gallery is by bicycle for those tiny spots along the river. For this reason above, the government built a ten-mile bicycle route in 2000 for visitors appreciatingalong the river by bicycle. The ten-mile bicycle route is also named with “Carter scenery route” by the local residentsThere is a famous spot all over the world along the Ten-mile Gallery, a village stationed opposite to the Moon Mountain. The village scenery is quite stunning, especially Shuifo cave lies behind the village. Every year, tens of visitor both domestically and abroad seek a special experience in the village. The village earns a broad reputation as “ village”. There are altogether over 100 families in the village mainly planting rice and fruits such as orange and tomatoes. Since 1988, the main do the work on tourism. Currently over one third of the whole population do the work on tourism. Behind the village, there is a special cave with a name “Shuifo”. There is a 150-meter wide, 180-meter long mud pond. Wrapped with the glutinous mud, the visitors feel cool on , without any fatigue and sickness. It is named by the visitor from USA as “natural bath”, but named by the visitor from as “oriental hug”. The majority enjoy the feeling the nature without any artifact. The best bath should be based on the real nature. The water and mud are all the essence the earth and heaven without any chemical artifacts. Bathing in the cave is the best way . That is the remark from all visitors to the cave

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