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Wonderful Water Town Tour From Shanghai

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1Day | From $104

Shanghai Zhujiajiao Ancient Town & Oriental Pearl Tower Tour

View Tour >>

2Days | From $161

2 Days Shanghai and Tongli Water Town Tour

View Tour >>

3Days | From $274

3 Days Shanghai Suzhou Xitang Water Town Tour

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4Days | From $385

4-day Highlights Tour of Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou and Wuzhen Water Town

Water Towns From Shanghai

There are several water towns near Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. They have much in common, such as water canals and stone bridges, but each of them has its own unique features. Most people will have difficulty choosing between the towns, deciding which to visit. We have researched each water town and made a summary for you

Ancient Town Distance Features Crowds Travel Time Rating
Nanxun Shanghai 2h Suzhou 1½h Hangzhou 1½h Traditional Chinese and Western architecture, once the wealthiest town, local people still living there, full of cultural experiences Least commercial Quiet 4 hours(2 days) 5
Tongli Shanghai 2h Suzhou 1½h Small water town with lovely typical traditional architecture and bridges, local people still living there, easy to get to from Suzhou Least commercial Quiet 3 hours 5
Xitang Shanghai 1½h Suzhou 1h Most bridges and lanes; covered waterside walks Least commercial Quiet 3 hours 4
Wuzhen Shanghai 2h Hangzhou 1h A restored old town with very good hotels Commercial Crowded 4 hours2 Days 4
Zhujiajiao Shanghai 1h Near to Shanghai, suitable for a half day tour Very commercial Over-crowded 3 hours 3
Qibao Shanghai ½h Less commercialized, singing boatwomen Over-crowded 2 hours 3
Luzhi Shanghai ½h Most bridges and lanes; covered waterside walks Less commercial Very quiet 2 hours 4
Zhouzhuang Shanghai 2h Suzhou 1h Most popular, water is not clear in the summer time Very commercial Over-crowded 2 hours 2

The Most Popular Shanghai Tours

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1Day | From $80

1 Day Bus Tour in Shanghai: Amazing Shanghai Highlights

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1Day | From $101

Shanghai-Suzhou Classic Private Day Tour

View Tour >>

1Day | From $105

1 Day Round-trip Tour of Picturesque Hangzhou from Shanghai

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1Day | From $112

1 Day Shanghai City Tour with Huangpu River Cruise

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3Days | From $299

3 Day Shanghai-Suzhou-Hangzhou Exploring Private Tour

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6Days | From $442

5 Nights and 6 Days Tour of Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou Highlights

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Shanghai Night Show

Shanghai Dining


Xiao long bao

  The most authentic Xiao longbao in Shanghai is Nanxiang Xiao longbao.It is from Nanxiang Town, Jiading District,Shanghai.This food is famous for thin skinned,many filling,juicy,taste delicious.It is one of the traditional snacks that loved by domestic and foreign customers.  The stuffing of Nanxiang Xiao longbao  is made of fresh pork meat.There is no onions and garlic in it.Only sprinkle a little ginger and pigskin jelly, salt, soy sauce, sugar and water to modulate it.The skin is made of unfermented refined flour.The finished Xiao longbao is small and exquisite,its shape lik

Crab shell pie

  Shanghai is a place where a variety of specialities and snacks come together.Its taste is different from the pure sweetness of Guangdong and Hongkong,also different from the spicy of Sichuan and Chongqing.Its taste is famous for mild,palatable and tasty.Crab shell pie is one of the representatives.  Crab shell pie founded in the early 1920s.It is one of the two refreshments that was frequently ordered in the tea house of old times.All of Shanghai's early tea houses,almost equipped with a vertical dryer and a flat-bottomed fryer.They sale two snacks while making it.One is crab shell p

The new-year-cake of sparerib

  The new-year-cake of sparerib is a kind of snack in Shanghai that is economical and has a unique taste.It has a history of fifty years.  The fried and large sparerib and small and thin new-year-cake,has the fragrant and crisp flavor of sparerib as well as the soft and waxy flavor of new-year-cake.It is very tasty.The sparerib is golden color,its surface is crisp and the inner is fresh and tender.When you eat it,it is delicious and good palatability.Although the new-year-cake was wrapped in sweet sauce,your mouth is full of the fragrant flavor of meat when you eat it,but the new-year-

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