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Pita Bread Soawked in lamp Soup

  When speaking of Xi'an,people can always think of the  steaming Pita Bread So awked in lamp Soup.It has become the most prestigious food business card of the ancient capital.Foreign guests who come to Shaanxi are eager to taste it.It has become the "chief representative" of Shaanxi cuisine .  There are three traditional way to eat Pita Bread So awked in lamp Soup.The first is when the Pita Bread So awked in lamp Soup is finished, the soup completely penetrates to the steamed bread.After eating steamed bread, meat, soup was also finished.The second is after eating steamed bread, meat,there is only a mouthful of soup remaining in the bowl.The third is put the cooked steamed bread and meat in the center of the bowl,surrounded by the soup.This way can make the soup taste delicious,make the meat comparably tender,make the steamed bread chewy.If add to the sauce, sweet and sour garlic,it will be a surprise to some.It is a rare high-level nourishing food.This three ways all need to break the steamed bread into pieces in advance.Inexperienced person usually has a habit of using chopsticks to stir back and forth before eating.It is not right.The right way is to eat it from one side,little by little,so that can always maintain the original flavor.Because it can warm the stomach and can resist hunger.It has always been loved by the people in Xi'an and northwest of all ethnic groups.When a bowl of Pita Bread So awked in lamp Soup is finished,In winter you will feel the body heat,in summer you will be sweating profusely.The whole body will relaxed and do more than just lift your spirit.  It is said that when the emperor Zhao Kuangying in Song dynasty is abjection,He came to Xi’an,it was a cold winter,and he is hungry and thirsty.There was only one steamed bread in the bag,the steamed bread is cold and difficult to swallow.A boss who sales mutton soup along the street was very sympathetic to him,and gave him a bowl of steaming mutton soup.So the emperor Zhao broke the steamed bread into pieces and soaked into the soup.When he finished eating,he felt refreshed and exciting.After he became the emperor,tasted the world delicious,he always want to eat the Pita Bread So awked in lamp Soup in his memory.So he ordered the kitchen to copy it.Nearly one hundred cooks pondering,then set the method,it it now the Pita Bread So awked in lamp Soup.It is said that the emperor Zhao is very happy after ate it,and it became the daily ordering dishes.The head chef became a officer.He estimated to be the world's first person who became a officer because of promoting the development of food culture.Unfortunately there is no way to prove it,otherwise, there will be one more person who promote the development of food culture in China.

Xian Dumpling Banquet and Tang Dynasty Show

Immerse yourself in the Chinese Tang dynasty was at the peak of Chinese art and culture from this Tang Dynasty Show and Dumpling Banquet. Enjoy delicious the wide assortment of dumplings and gorgeous live music, beautiful sets and endless dancing is impressive. Not to miss if in Xi’an!!! Your friendly tour guide and driver pick up from your centrally located hotel in Xi'an,  Take a seat in the banquet hall and feast your senses on an array of 20 dumpling varieties; relish the flavors of the steamed specialty stuffed with seafood, minced meat and fresh vegetables.  After your gastronomic prelude, sit back and prepare your eyes for the extravagance and charisma of the Tang Dynasty Show; watch talented dancers and singers perform in vibrant costumes that have graced the region for centuries.  After the show comes to its compelling conclusion, tour end at drop off at your hotel.Note: For VIP seat, you need to pay extra $15 in cash.


  Rou jia mo, also known as rougamo , meaning "meat burger" or "meat sandwich," is a street food originating from Shaanxi Province and now widely consumed all over China. The meat is most commonly pork, stewed for hours in a soup containing over 20 spices and seasonings. Although it is possible to use only a few spices (which many vendors do), the resulting meat is less flavourful.  Many alternative fillings are available. For example, in Muslim areas in Xi'an, the meat is usually beef (prepared kabob-style and seasoned with cumin and pepper, and in Gansu it is often lamb. The meat is then minced or chopped, then mixed with chopped coriander and capsicums, and stuffed in "mo", a type of flatbread. An authentic mo is made from a wheat flour batter and then baked in a clay or mud oven, but now in many parts of China, mo is made in a frying pan or a pressure cooker (some even substitute a steamed bun), and the resulting taste diverges significantly from the authentic clay oven-baked version. Depending on the types of spices used to cook the meat and the way the bread is made, the taste of roujiamo can vary greatly from vendor to vendor.  Roujiamo costs around 20 yuan in most parts of China citation needed] and is considered the Chinese equivalent to the Western hamburger and meat sandwiches. In fact, roujiamo could be the world's oldest sandwich or hamburger, since this bread dates back to the Qin Dynasty (221 BC - 206 BC) and the meat to the Zhou Dynasty (1045 BC to 256 BC). Contrary to popular misconceptions, roujiamo is not a street food unique to Muslims. It was invented first by the Han Chinese, while Muslims simply substituted pork with barbecued beef or lamb due to Islamic restrictions on eating pork.  Roujiamo can be found in many street food vendor stalls or near Chinese mosques. Some vendors also call it la zhi roujiamo or lazhi roujiamo,  which simply means roujiamo with special gravy. Others call it bai ji la zhi roujiamo (or baiji lazhi roujiamo), which means roujiamo with special gravy in a bread (bai ji refers to the type of bread).  Roujiamo is included on the menu of the Lotus Blossom Cafe in Florida's Disney World.


  Liangpi is a noodle-like Chinese dish made from wheat or rice flour. It is a specialty dish originating from the Chinese province of Shanxi , but has now spread to many other places in China, in particular the northern and central regions. Although liangpi is served cold, they are served in every season, including winter.  Chinese people describes liangpi served at Xi'an Famous Foods as "a dish of cold noodles in a sauce that hits every possible flavor category (sweet, tangy, sesame paste and other flavors)Liangpi literally means cold skin, although it has no animal products in it at all.  There are several ways of making liangpi:  First,wheat or rice flour is turned into a soft dough by adding water and a little bit of salt. Then, the dough is put in a bowl, water is added and the dough has to be "rinsed" until the water is saturated with starch from the dough, turning into a muddy white color. The remainder of the dough is now removed, and the bowl is left to rest overnight at a cool place to allow the dissolved starch to precipitate.  The following day, there will be a kind of starch-paste on the bottom of the bowl, with a more or less clear liquid on top, which has to be discarded. Once the liquid has been removed, a small amount of the paste can then be poured into a flat plate or tray, and spread evenly in a thin layer. The whole plate is placed into a large pot full of boiling water, where it is steamed for a couple of minutes, and the resulting "pancake" cut into long pieces vaguely resembling noodles.Mixed with some cucumber, green bean sprouts, put seasoning, salt, chili oil, vinegar,then you can enjoy it.  It is said that the origin of the Liang Pi need to be traced back to the period of emperor Qin Shihuang.It has a history of more than two thousand years.According to legend,Qin county of Shaanxi province was drought one year,rice was died.People can not use rice to satisfy the royal court.A man called Li shier ground rice into flour,steamed it,and made Liangpi,then dedicated to the emperor Qin Shihuang.The emperor Qin Shihuang was very enjoyed of it.So he ordered to make Liangpi every day.Liangpi became a famous traditional food.

Minced noodles

  minced noodles  Minced Noodles is characteristic food in northwest of China.The most authentic minced noodles is Qishan minced noodles in Baoji.It is popular in Guanzhong Plain of Shaanxi and east of Gansu and other places.  The most important thing of minced noodles is its soup.The soup is the soul.It has nine features.Sour:use vinegar to highlight the acid soup;Spicy:pour hot oil on chili powder to make the soup spicy and fresh;Flavor:it has a unique flavor;Thin:the noodles is very thin.Chewy:the noodles is thin but chewy;Smooth:the noodles is smooth like fish;Hot:the soup’s temperature is very high;Diluted:only one mouthful per bowl,noodles is rarely;Heat retaining:the soup has a lot of oil,seals the heat,even in the coldest days,is not easy to be cold.There are various of fixings,it has many colors,such as red (carrot),yellow(day lily),white(tofu),golden(omelet),black(fungus),green(leek)Minced noodles has a long history.Originated in the Shang and Zhou dynasties,It has been very famous in the Qing Dynasty.Minced Noodles has a great impact on people’s life of Guanzhong Plain. What is the most important dish in your home? Chicken, duck, fish or meat For Shaanxi people,noodles is the most important dish.Minced noodles always comes to the first.Minced Noodles is inseparable whether wedding or funeral, festivals,old people’s birthday or relatives and friends come to visit.In the rural area,the morning of the first day of the new year is basically to eat minced noodles.Before meal,sprinkle some soup in front of the door in order to pay homage to ancestors,then the family will enjoy it.Minced noodles is no less important than dumplings for Shaanxi people.So if you come to Xi'an to attend a friend's dinner, you will find the last food without exception is a big bowl of minced noodles.  Minced noodles is easy to digest and absorb,it can improve anemia, enhance immunity, balance nutrient absorption and other effects.Minced noodles is rich in carbohydrates, can provide enough energy.In addition,minced noodles can stimulate people's thinking , so eat a bowl of noodles with nutrition is a good choice.

The Most Popular Xian Tour

On this tour, experience both the historical relics in Xian and explore the wonderful scenery of Huashan mountain. Uncover the national treasure at the "Big Wild Goose Pagoda" and the UNESCO world heritage "Terracotta Warriors" then enjoy a full-day tour to Mount Huashan to see Buddhist and Taoist temples, walking through the mountain, admire the spectacular landscape of sheer cliffs with temples that cling on to the rock.


Unique Xian Tour to Terracotta Warriors and Huashan Mountain

2 Days From|$192

Xian integrates history and culture effortlessly as it has awesome attractions such as the Terracotta Warriors, the massive Ming City Wall, and the ancient Muslim Quarters. This 2 days Xian heritage tour covers must-see attractions including Terracotta Warriors, City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Muslim Street, Qujiang Lake, and the Great Mosque. Through this tour, you will fully immerse in the historical atmosphere of this ancient capital city and create memories that you will cherish forever.


Two-day Xian private tour including Terra-Cotta Warriors and the Great Wild Goose Pagoda

2 Days From|$149

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage "Terracotta Warriors Army and Horses Museum", learn about China’s history of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum with a professional guide on a half-day Xian tour. Choose between group tour and private tour to suit your budget, this flexible tour includes hotel transfer, local lunch and entrance fee.


Half Day Terra-cotta Warriors Tour

0.5 Day From|$90

Immerse yourself in the peak of Chinese art and culture from this Tang Dynasty Show. Enjoy delicious the wide assortment of dumplings and gorgeous live music, beautiful sets and endless dancing. Not to miss if you're in Xi’an!!!


Xi'an Dumpling Banquet and Tang Dynasty Show

0.5 Day From|$80
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