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Rice wrapped in lotus leaves Photos

Rice wrapped in lotus leaves

  Rice wrapped in lotus leaves is an instant food made by cooked rice wrapped in lotus leaves. In a popular local poem, depicting “in lotus pond, lotus flowers are not picked, however lotus leaves are picked up instead mainly for prepared as the lotus wrapper”.

  Rice is cooked while diced mushroom and sausage are well-prepared, mix ingredients are wrapped in “lotus leaves after hot water”, steamed for 20 minutes, the well-done yummy food dipped in sauce are served.

  Rice wrapped in Lotus leave is appraised as a very famous gourmet. Rice wrapped in Lotus leaves originated from 14 hundred years ago and first appear in “history record of North and South dynasty”. In 557, prefecture chief Chen, Baxian in Shixing county Liang dynasty stationed in Jingkou and defend against Northern Qi but without enough food provided. The local residents sent “Rice and duck wrapped in lotus leaves” to the frontier, and help to win the battle.

  The lotus leaves is green, wide, round, thick and soft. The lotus leaves contain vitamin and alkali fitting for cooling down and stopping bleeding. Lotus leaves is an ideal natural food wrapper, very fresh and healthful. Until now, Rice wrapped in lotus leaves has been passed around long time in southern China and ranked as the top appetizer for summer in local area.

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