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China Panda Tours

Panda is considered as the living fossil of earth and treasure in China. And Sichuan province is the hometown of giant pandas. Spending some wonderful time with adorable pandas will be the best travel experience in your lifetime, ChinaToursNet will make the best China panda tour for every traveler.


Where to visit lovely giant pandas?



Except for Sichuan province, you can see pandas in other cities, such as Beijing Zoo, Chongqing Zoo and Seven Star Park in Guilin, Tiger Park in Harbin etc.


When to visit giant pandas?

You can see cute pandas all year. But they are fond of sleeping and hate hot and cold temperature, youd better visit them during feeding time in the morning(8:00am-10:30 am), watching them eating, playing or cuddling. If you want to see cute baby pandas, we advise come between September and December.

How can I be a volunteer during China Panda Tour?

To do the panda volunteer program, volunteers should be aged between 12 and 65 years old. And volunteers should pass the health examination for the safety of pandas. Please contact our professional adviser about health form.


It will cost about 700-1000 CNY for Panda Volunteer Program. If you want to hold a panda and take pictures with them, an additional 1800 CNY will apply.


On the China panda tour, youll do the following things under the guidance of panda experts, you can check here(插入都江堰熊猫志愿旅游tour) to know more. Such as clean pandas cages, make food and feed them and watch panda documentary.


After finished the volunteer program, youll get panda volunteer certificate and souvenirs to recall the most valuable and meaningful travel experience.


If you want to start your China Panda Tour with panda program, please make a reservation at least two weeks or one month in advance, so that we have time to do the volunteer arrangement and physical health examination.



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