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China Food Tours

There is no sincerer love than the love of food, and China food tour is quite popular and appealing for travelers to enjoy Chinese gourmet tastes when they visit China. Chinese food has various flavors, types and cooking skills with a long history, and savoring delicious Chinese food is a great way to discover local tradition and Chinese food culture. Youll be served with a series of typical and palatable cuisine which is well arranged by ChinaToursNet. Besides, you'll travel to top-rated destinations in China, appreciate charming scenery, explore the hidden and mysterious Chinese history. And we can customize your China food tour as your request. Enjoy your China food tour and we hope that you'll wear a reminiscent smile when youre thinking of this wonderful travel.

The Most Popular China Tour

This tour let you experience the "oriental pearl Shanghai", "humanly paradise" Suzhou and Hangzhou, and "Mount Huang" famous for the odd rocks and cloud sea and end in the capital historical city Beijing. Feast your eyes into the top interests from the classic Yu Garden, ancient style fair "City God Temple Bazaar" and skyscraper Jinmao Tower. Feel the elegance brought from the Net Master Garden, Tiger Hill in Suzhou, get immersed in the beauty of Wuzhen Water Town. Cruise on the beautiful West Lake. Marvel at the magnificent picture from the West Sea Grand Canyon, Beihai Sunrise at Mount Huang. Trace the historical path from the ancient street and unique architecture in Hongcun village. The trip ends with a visit to Beijing highlights, Forbidden City and Great Wall.


12 Days China Tour Package: Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Mount Huang and Beijing

12 days from|$891

  This is a great chance to see all the aspects of life in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Immerse in all the must-see sites including the Bund, Shanghai Museum, Yu Garden, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and Xitang Ancient Water Town. In Guangzhou, experience Chen Family Temple, Shameen Island, cruise on the Pearl River, visit the Canton Tower, Mausoleum of the Nanyue King. After the 5-days private tour, you’ll have a profound understanding of not just the history but also the culture and life in Guangzhou and Shanghai.


5-day Private Classic Shanghai and Guangzhou Tour

5 days from|$678

This China tour covering the most top-rated attractions from Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Guilin and Shanghai, and you’ll experience the development of Chinese history and marvel at high-speed train, and appreciate the most beautiful landscape and get acquaintance with the cutest giant pandas. Relish the freedom and flexibility of this private tour and enjoy the undivided attention of your guide throughout your experience.


9 Days China Essence Tour of Beijing-Chengdu-Xian-Guilin-Shanghai

9 days from|$1184

  In Beijing, discover the magnificent monuments and cultural highlights. You visit impressive landmarks like Tiananmen Square and absorb the ancient majesty of UNESCO World Heritage including Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, and Mutianyu Great Wall. Satisfy an appetite for authenticity with Peking roast duck, enjoy a gorgeous night show and join local life in the hutong. Ancient Silk Road is often attractive with its rich historical and cultural treasure. This tour covers all important cities in Gansu Province along the silk road. You can enjoy not only the cultural relics, such as temples, the site of ancient pass, grottoes, etc but also have a chance to experience the vast and majestic natural view in northwest part of China, such as Zhangye Danxia landform, Gobi desert, Jiayuguan Pass, desert in Dunhuang, Yellow River in Lanzhou and Leitai Tomb of Han Dynasty in Wuwei. Accompanied by a knowledgeable private guide, enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a private tour and receive the undivided attention.


12 Days Highlighted China Silk Road Tour and Beijing

12 days from|$1213
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