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China Scenery Tours

One of the worlds largest and oldest civilized country, its no surprise that China offers various charming natural landscape in the large territory. On our China Scenery Tours, youll enjoy the rustic villages and waterways in Suzhou and Hangzhou, witness the natural miracle when cruising on Yangtze River and Li River in Guilin, appreciate breathtaking Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, impressed by Mount Huang and Zhangjiajie, and be intoxicated with fairyland of Yunnan and Tibet, even for some off-the-beaten-path beautiful attractions, we also can make a tailored China natural scenery tour for just for you and your team. You'll be served by excellent tour guides and comfortable vehicle to make the wonderful once-in-a-lifetime China tour experience.



The beautiful scenery is a gift to all the people in the world, we should take action to protect during our China Scenery Tours.



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The Most Popular China Tour

This tour let you experience the "oriental pearl Shanghai", "humanly paradise" Suzhou and Hangzhou, and "Mount Huang" famous for the odd rocks and cloud sea and end in the capital historical city Beijing. Feast your eyes into the top interests from the classic Yu Garden, ancient style fair "City God Temple Bazaar" and skyscraper Jinmao Tower. Feel the elegance brought from the Net Master Garden, Tiger Hill in Suzhou, get immersed in the beauty of Wuzhen Water Town. Cruise on the beautiful West Lake. Marvel at the magnificent picture from the West Sea Grand Canyon, Beihai Sunrise at Mount Huang. Trace the historical path from the ancient street and unique architecture in Hongcun village. The trip ends with a visit to Beijing highlights, Forbidden City and Great Wall.


12 Days China Tour Package: Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Mount Huang and Beijing

12 days from|$891

As the ancient capital in China, there are lots of historical interests left in Nanjing. Hike along the historical path of the famous Sun Yet-sen Mausoleum, Xiaoling Mausoleum and Confucian Temple in Nanjing. In Suzhou, enjoy the classic and exquisite relics from Suzhou Museum, Humble Administrator's Garden, and Tiger Hill. In Hangzhou, reputed as the hometown of tea, look the Buddhist incense at Lingyin Temple, take Longjing tea at Mei Jia Wu Tea Village and visit Six Harmonies Pagoda. In Wuzhen Water Town, soak into a rich cultural and picturesque water land.


6 Days Captivating Highlights China Tour of Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuzhen

6 days from|$361

Soak in the vibrant pulse of Beijing and walk on the Great Wall among other city highlights on this private tour and enjoy 6 days of access to China's major sights and out-of-the-way gems with the freedom to choose those sites that interest you. Get familiar with bustling Chengde, have close encounters with the summer resort there, say hello to the famous cultural ancient street and savor your appetite in Tianjin. The experience is so rich and incredible, and you may not want to go back home.


6 Days China Tour of Cultural Experience in Beijing Chengde Tianjin

6 days from|$388

On this tour, you are able to explore four main cities in the province of Jiangsu from Shanghai. In the garden city of Suzhou, you'll experience the famous Tiger Hill, Master of Nets Garden and Humble Administrator's Garden. In prosperous Wuxi, you can explore the dazzling Turtle Head Park, Taihu Lake and the Three Kingdom Movie Site. In the beautiful and elegant Yangzhou, discover Slender West Lake and Geyuan Garden. In historical Nanjing, sightsee Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, Xiaoling Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty and Confucian Temple. You'll find it is an exciting journey to explore those top attractions in the wealthy provinces in China!


5 Days Shanghai Side China Tour including Suzhou, Wuxi, Yangzhou and Nanjing

5 days from|$353
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