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Shrimp wonton noodle soup

  Shrimp Wonton noodle soup  is a Cantonese noodle dish which is popular in Guangzhou, Hong Kong. The dish is usually served in a hot broth, garnished with leafy vegetables, and wonton dumplings. The types of leafy vegetables used are usually kai-lan also known as Chinese kale. Another type of dumpling known as shui jiao is sometimes served in place of wonton. It contains prawns,  spring onions with some chefs adding mushroom and black fungus.  In Hong Kong and Guangzhou, wonton noodles are usually served in steaming hot soup with shrimp wontons and garnished with leafy vegetables.There are plenty of variations of this popular Cantonese dish, with different toppings and garnishes. For example, the soup and wontons in a separate bowl, the noodles being served relatively dry, with the toppings and garnishes, dressed with sauce, dipping the noodles in the soup to eat it.  There are four distinct features: First, the wontons are predominantly prawn, with small amounts of minced pork, or no pork at all. Second, aficionados will insist on fresh, smooth thin noodles which are al dente, free from the taste and odor which is characteristic in many egg noodles when cooked. Third, the bouillon is light brown (prepared from dried flounder) and is usually steaming hot. Lastly, garlic chives are used as a garnish. The first two give the dish a wet but crunchy or crispy mouthfeel. The last two give the dish a unique bouquet.  In order to ensure that the noodles are perfectly al dente and free from "noodley" taste, the cooking process and sequence must be meticulously adhered to. The wonton is cooked first, and then placed in the bowl. The noodles are blanched for only 10 seconds, after which they are rinsed under cold water and placed in the serving bowl. Piping hot bouillon is then scooped into the bowl, on top of the wonton noodles. The bouillon must be tasty, yet not so strong as to overpower the delicate taste of the wonton and the noodles which it is meant to accompany.  When served, the spoon must be placed at the bottom, with the wontons above the spoon and the noodles on top. Because if the noodles soak in the soup for too long then it will be over cooked, this is strictly adhered to by the best wonton noodle establishments.

Egg tart

  Chinese Egg Tarts are commonly found in Chinese bakeries and dim sum restaurants. It has been listed by many food guides as one of the top 50 most delicious foods in the world. They are very different in taste to western style egg tarts, although it is believed they were adapted from Portuguese recipes.  Chinese egg tarts are very difficult to perfect if you don’t know the secret, even though the ingredients are few and the process is relatively simple. This is because the pastry should be crunchy and the filling should be sweet with a melt in the mouth sensationWe have consulted Kitty Wong of Dessertz House to show our readers how to make them properly.  Makes 12 egg tarts  Ingredients (Butter Pastry)  140g butter (softened)  1/2 egg  70g icing sugar  200g flour  Ingredients (Egg Filling)  140g sugar  300ml water  4 eggs  80ml evaporated full cream milk  Method  1) Mix and knead the butter pastry ingredients into a dough. Refrigerate for 20 minutes or until it’s in a workable state.  2) Boil the water and sugar, leave it to cool.  3) Press the pastry into the moulds.  4) Put milk and eggs into the cooled down sugar water. Sift the mixture.  5) Pour egg mixture into the tarts.  6) Bake at 200 degrees celsius for 15 – 20 minutes.  7) Cool the tarts slightly and take it out.


  Roasted is a traditional dish with good color, aroma and taste. There are some roasted stores in Hongkong, which also sells food that can find in tea restaurant. It shows the love of roasted in Hongkong.  First use the secret sauce pickle the meat for some time then put the meat in the oven. Different meat need different time to pickle and bake. The finished roast is crisp and plump with a little sweet. That suits the taste of Hangkong people. It uses the advanced solar (pollution-free) drying technology, so the produced meat has the features that natural, crisp surface, tender meat, bright color and unique taste.  There are two kinds of roasted. One kind roasted including roasted suckling pig, barbecued pork fried rice, roasted pork, roasted duck, roasted goose and so on. For Hongkong people,these dishes are common, but can always make the banquet more special. The other kind of roasted is dry meat. This kind of meat is sliced from a single piece of meat, salted and cured. People usually eat it when it is the end of winter and the begin of spring. The taste is lighter and it is not suitable for eating alone.  Steamed Rice in Clay Pot is the best food that can reflect the charm of roasted. It is usually eat in autumn and winter. The fire burns slowly under the bottom of the pot, the rice is the main material in the pot and the roasted meat is the accessory. When the gravy from the roasted meat fully penetrate the rice, open the lid, pour sauce, you will feel that the aroma of meat and rice all come to your nose.

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