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Yingxian Wooden Tower

Yingxian Wooden Tower

Tour Code : C1748
Type : Historic sites
City / Province : Shanxi (Datong、Pingyao)
Built in : 1056.A.D


YingxianWooden Tower built during the Liao (CE 916-1125) Dynasty take octagonal in shape,is built without the help of a single nail,screw,or bolt.Its unique construction employs fifty-four different kinds of duogong,or bracket arms,one of the most complex examples of roof construction in China,and,indeed,in the world.

Yingxian Wooden Tower

The county should allay Jiada the Fogong Temple in Shanxi Province in the northwest county should Buddhistcommonly known as Yingxian Wooden TowerBuilt in Liao - Ning 2002 (Year 1056)Jinmengchang six years (Year 1195) Upgrading completedChina is the most ancient existing maximum configuration of a wooden tower constructionand only a wooden structure pavilion-style toweras the nation's key units to be protected.

  木塔at Temple Shanmen north-south axis line between the Basilica and,as "the former tower后殿" layout.Tower construction in the LMH four meters high,the tower high 67.31 meters,bottom diameter of 30.27 meters,was octagonal-shaped plane.The first layer Facade Tongyan,the above floors were Dandan,a total of five six canopies,trapped between layers of a dark,in fact,Chinese Academy.As a result of bottom Tong Yan and corridors,so look for the six-storey tower in the eaves of the house.Upper floors are used inside and outside twice木柱support each floor,there are 24 pillars,there are eight,木柱between the use of a lot of diagonal bracing,beam,Fang and short columns,the composition of the complex beam different directions -木架.It was calculated,the entire木塔sharing Korean pine wood 3,000 cubic meters,about more than 2,600 tons heavy,the overall proportion of appropriate,the magnificent architecture,art sophistication,shape prudent solemn.

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