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Tips for Xian Budget Tour

Comparing Beijing and Shanghai, Xian is a quite popular city where you can dine, stay and travel on a budget. How to save money from Xian Tour? Lets check out!


1. International flight/internal train to Xian

Before you start your Xian Tour for an international flight, please book earlier to get a discount flight ticket. For internal train from some major cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu etc, take a look at train price, high-speed train is more expensive, while other trains are quite cheap.


2. Choose to visit in low season

The low season in Xian is from December to March, the entrance ticket and hotel price will execute low season price which will largely reduce a sum of money.


3. Hotel

Xian has various hostels and lodges with comfortable bed, some even offer breakfast. Try to search one for your Xian budget tour.


4. Transportation

Take a bus or shared bike in the downtown area to visit the main attractions. Remember to register an IC card which is very convenient for your Xian tour.

But if you want to visit Terracotta Warriors, we advise taking bus Tourist 5(Line 306) on East Square of Railway Station. Or take bus 307 after visited Big Wild Goose Pagoda.  


5. Food

There are lots of delicious yet cheap food in Xian, such as Rougamo, Gold Noodles etc. More information, please check it here. (放上西安受欢迎的食物链接)


6. Visit free attractions

You can save a lot of money from visiting free attractions, such as Muslim Street, Shaanxi History Museum(Close on Monday) etc, and visit music fountain and Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the evening, enjoy the stunning view of City Wall, Bell and Drum Tower from afar.


7. Consider booking a group tour

For Mount Hua and other attractions far away from the downtown, please consider a group tour, you will save much time and energy.


8. Bargain for shopping and souvenirs

Its inevitable that some travelers want to buy souvenirs for family members or friends, remember to bargain before purchase, sometimes youll surprise!


Got Question & Quick Answer

The Most Popular Xian Tour

Xian is a world-famous ancient city since 2,000 years ago. It not only has wonderful historical highlights but also amazing natural wonders. On this tour, you will experience the UNESCO world heritage-Terracotta Warriors, and well-preserved Xian City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi History Museum, Muslim Street. Challenge Mt. Huashan, one of the five most impressive and dangerous mountains in China.


5 Days Xian Terracotta Warriors and Mount Hua Exploration Tour

5 days from|$401

Explore the essence spots in Xian and Chengdu in 5 days tour. In Xian, visit Terracotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian City Wall and Muslim Street. Catch the high-speed train to Chengdu to visit cute panda, Leshan Giant Buddha, Wenshu Temple, Kuanzhai Alley, Wuhou Temple, Jinli Old Street, Renmin Park, Chunxi Road. You will have a deeper understanding of Chinese history in Xian and experience of the authentic lifestyle of the locals.


5 Days Xian Chengdu Tour by High-speed Train

5 days from|$428

On this tour, experience both the historical relics in Xian and explore the wonderful scenery of Huashan mountain. Uncover the national treasure at the "Big Wild Goose Pagoda" and the UNESCO world heritage "Terracotta Warriors" then enjoy a full-day tour to Mount Huashan to see Buddhist and Taoist temples, walking through the mountain, admire the spectacular landscape of sheer cliffs with temples that cling on to the rock.


Unique Xian Tour to Terracotta Warriors and Huashan Mountain

2 days from|$192

Once the terminus of the Silk Road and a melting pot of cultures, religion and home to emperors, monks, merchants and warriors, the glory days of Xian are unending. Visit the most famous attractions of Xian as well as Luoyang over this 5 days trip on a private tour with a professional guide and immerse yourself in the best-preserved "City Wall" that still remains intact, the UNESCO world heritage "Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum" and the leader in the Buddhist world "Great Wild Goose Pagoda", among other must-see attractions before discovering the rich cultural heritage of Luoyang.


5 Days Xian-Luoyang-Shaolin Temple Chinese Kungfu Tour

5 days from|$415
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