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Mount Hua Travel Tips

Mount Hua, one of five great mountains of China, owns narrow and steep paths on the peak, which is saying the most dangerous mountain in China since the ancient time.


Whats the Best Time to Visit Mount Hua?

Peak season is April to October every year, it has pleasant temperature and best scenery. Youll enjoy fields of green forest, precipitous cliffs, clear sky, and beautiful sea clouds.


How to Get to Mount Hua?

1. Take the high-speed train at Xian North Railway Station to North of Mount Hua station running everyday, 54.5CNY for a second class ticket, taking about 30 minutes. Then take free Bus Huayin Line 2 or take bus to Mount Hua, taking about 30 minutes.

Operation time for Huayin Line 2

Summer(April-October): 7:00am-19:20pm

Winter(November-March): 7:20am-19:00pm


2. If youll get off at Huashan railway station, take Bus 608 and get off at Mount Hua Tourist Center station.


3. Xian City East Station, there are many buses to Huayin City, 15 minutes per switch, taking 2 hours on the way.


4. Book Mount Hua tour directly, save much time and energy with convenient transportation. 



Mount Hua Map需要上传



How to Plan Mount Hua Tour?

1. Best Scenery Route

Take cable car at West Peak-South Peak-East Peak-Middle Peack-get down from North Peak

Its the best route for 1 day Mount Hua tour and have low requirements of physical strength. Sightsee four peaks on the mountain at a time.


2. High-quality Route

Take round-way cable car at West Peak

Take cable car at West Peak-South Peak-East Peak-Middle Peak-get down from West Peak

Its the most easy way to tour Mount Hua, suitable for traveler with weak physical strength but want to visit peaks of Mount Hua. The disadvantage is you may not visit North Peak.


3. Hiking Route

Take round-way cable car at North Peak

Take cable car at North Peak-Middle Peak-West Peak-South Peak-East Peak-Middle Peak-get down from North Peak

Its the regular touristy route which suitable for seasoned hiker. You can return if you cant hike any more. But the hiking distance is much longer and it will consume lots of energy.


What to Bring for Hiking Mount Hua?

1. The most important must be bringing hiking shoes, Mount Hua is thought the most dangerous hike in the world.

2. Pack gloves, socks, and sticks according to your need.

3. Packs of napkins and bottles of mineral water.

4. Better to bring some layers of warm jackets, plastic raincoat. If you dont want to bring, you can rent on the top of the mountain.

5. Flashlight for hiking in the evening.

6. Medicine: anti-motion sickness drug, band-aid, medicine for enterogastritis.


Safety Notice for Mount Hua

1. Please aware that there are a few toilets on the top of the mountain which dont offer toilet paper.

2. Be cautious of steps, dont play or enjoy the scenery when hiking.

3. Better get off in the daytime as soon as you can.

4. Dont throw garbage and smoke.


Where to Stay on Mount Hua?

Traveler can choose to stay on the top of the mountain for enjoying beautiful sunrise and sunset, about 150cny per bed per night in low season. Most of the hotel will be fully booked in high season at a high price, and please book in advance. The hotel environment and facility may not be good enough, please understand the situation.


And for the hotel at the foot of the mountain, we advise you to choose hotels around Mount Hua Tourist Center which youll save time to access the gate and convenient facilities around.



What and Where to Eat on Mount Hua?

For Mount Hua hiking, we advise bring some high energy food and plenty of water in the backpack since it really consumes a lot of strength for climbing. If youre really hungry and thirsty, you can buy some food and bottled water from vendors, which are quite expensive and taste not so good.







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