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Roasted barley flou

  Roasted barley flou  Roasted barley flou is one of the traditional Tibetan food. “Roasted barley flou” is the tibetan translation of fried flour. It is the necessary food for tibetan everyday. When you visited Tibetan family, you will be served with tasty milky tea and roasted barley flou. The golden butter and milky cheese are both served on the table too. Roasted barley flou is the highland barley washed, dried and cooked for making as flour. When served, it is mixed with few butter tea, cheese, sugar and squeezed into roll shape. It is convenient for serving, meanwhile with high-nutrition, high-heat, fits for keeping off coldness, easy for bring around and saving.  Roasted barley flou is the main dish for Tibetan. Tibetan had roasted barley flou on all three meals. Roasted barley flou is actually the fried highland-barley. The manufacture method of making roasted barley flou is: dry highland-barley (belongs to category: barley, with color as white or as purple black), well-cooked, grind, that made roasted barley flou. Roasted barley flou is similar to fried flour of northern area. But for north fried flour, it is at first grinding, the next step is deep-fried. But for Tibetan roasted barley flou is at first deep-fried and the next is grinding including skin. When served, usually roasted barley flou is mixed with some butter and tea.  Roasted barley flou is more nutritious than winter wheat with more nutrition and easy to carry around. When going outside, it is ready only with bowl, waist bag with roasted barley flou, and  some tea. Without heating, only mix roasted barley flou with butter, and tea in a bag, quickly the fragrant roasted barley flou is done.  In Tibetan new year, there is usually a wooden box on Tibetan cabinet for every family, the wooden box is filled with highland barley and monorchid herminium herb, on top of which Insert the barley spike, wheat flower and a painting named with "Muzhuo" depicted with the sun, the moon and the stars. When neighbor and friends comes, the host usually grasps some roasted barley flou, sprays to the sky three times, then grasps some into mouth, at last says “wishing all the best to you”. When Roasted barley flou is served, it is usually mixed with butter and tea, added with fried highland barley, at last mixing by hand. When mixing, at first press the fried highland barley to the bottom of bowl with middle finger for avoiding water out of the bowl, then turn around the bowl, press the dried highland barley to the tea with the finger from the brink of the bowl, meanwhile is added with tea and butter well, as it is squeezed into roll shape, that means it is done. When eating, squeeze to shape roll and put into mouth. Tibetan usually has the dish by hand only, without chopsticks and spoons. This eating method is the same as Indian who have food only by hands too.  Because roasted barley flou is served simply and easy to carry around, it is very fit for nomadic. When nomadic go outside, usually carry a bag of roasted barley flou. When Hungary, some roasted barley flou are taken out. Sometimes, a wooden bowl is taken out, filled with some roasted barley flou, mixed with butter tea, added with salt, and done for serving. Others while having roasted barley flou, while drinking butter tea.

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