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Nanjing Dining

Crab Dumplings in Soup

  Crab Dumplings in Soup is a traditional snack in Jiangsu. It is famous in Ming and Qing dynasty. The skin of Crab Dumplings in Soup is as thin as a paper, and very fragile. The manufacture is quite unusal, the out-looks is nice, and the eating method is unique.The raw material of Crab Dumplings in Soup is very exquisite. The stuffying is crab meat and crab yolk, the soup is the chicken soup, the manufacture is very skillful. There are some famous Crab Dumplings in Soup including Nanjing Dragon Robe Crab Dumplings in Soup, Jinjiang Crab Dumplings in Soup, Taixingquxia Crab Dumplings in Soup, Zhenjiangyanchun Crab Dumplings in Soup and Huaianwenlou Crab Dumplings in Soup. There is a Dragon Robe Crab Dumplings in Soup festival in Nanjing.  Crab Dumplings in Soup has exquisite raw material, unique formula, best cooking method and  is hard to imitate. There are altogether 33 courses for making it. For a long time, Crab Dumplings in Soup has the rule left from ancestors “The cooking method and formula did not open to public” and makes the dish very mysterious. In every crab season, there are tens of thousands gourmets coming to Nanjing. According to history record, Crab Dumplings in Soup is famous for thin skin, tender stuffing, fresh taste but not oily. There are strict demand for making crab oil, soup in skin, stuffying, skin, pinching the crab dumplings in soup, and steaming the dish. Crab Dumplings in Soup looks like Chrysthmum, and taste fresh but not oily.  Dragon Robe Crab Dumplings in Soup had a history overy 140 years. It is said it used to be the tribute to the emperor. It originates from emperor Qianlong. When emperor Qianlong travelled to the south of China, he tasted the dragon robe Crab Dumplings in Soup and appraised the dish. At end of Qing dynasty, a cook made some improvements on the Dragon Robe Crab Dumplings in Soup and made the current Crab Dumplings in Soup.When the crab dumplings in soup is served, a straw sucker is used for drinking the soup inside at first. The next, eating the thin skin and then the stuffing.  The crab dumplings in soup is suitable for bruises, broken bones tendons, blood stasis pain, residual placenta, pregnant women in labor contractions weakness. Usually the crab dumplings in soup is not suitable for spleen and stomach, thin stool, abdominal pain, faint, cold wind had healed, persistent disease, intractable pruritus diseases, excessive menstruation, dysmenorrhea and pregnant women.


Nanjing Boiled Salted Duck

  Nanjing Boiled Salted Duck got another name as “osmanthus duck” and is a specialty in Nanjing. Nanjing Boiled Salted Duck is a geogerical product. Because Nanjing has another name “Jinling”, Nanjing Boiled Salted Duck got another name as Jinling Boiled Salted Duck which is well-knowned around the world and has a history of over 2000 years. Nanjing Boiled Salted Duck has a long history and accumulate rich working experience. The duck skin is white and the duck meat is tender, fatty but not oily, fresh and delicious. The duck tastes rather good, crispy and tender. After the mid-autumn festival, in the season of sweet-scented osmanthus bloom, the duck is most delicious and thus got the name as osmanthus duck. Nanjing is famous for dark cuisine and is a capital for various duck. Duck cusine is on behalf of Nanjing.  According to history record, the army Chen and the army northern Qi fighted outside the suburds of Nanjing. Because army Chen had duck as food, the duck made the army energetic and fight bravely, and finally army Chen defeated army northern Qi and won the battle. There are many ways for residents in Nanjing to eat duck. Fron thousand years ago, there has been the roast duck and Nanjing Boiled Salted Duck in the table. For the first emperor in Ming dynasty, he had one duck daily.  Nanjing Boiled Salted Duck is famous for osmanthus duck. According to history records, every August in Nanjing, The Boiled Salted Duck is the most delicious. Everyone assumes there is sweet-scented osmanthus smell in the duck. That is the reason for the name Sweet-scented osmanthus duck. Osmanthus duck has three advantages: duck skin white and duck meat tender; fat but not oily; fresh and delicious. The finished duck is full-figured, shining and fresh. The skin is white and oily, the duck meat looks light red, light but salty, delicious, fresh and tender, fit for eating lots.The duck has nice almond flavor and nut flavor including 92 flavors. Those flavors accumulates and turn into the good smell of Nanjing Boiled Salted Duck. Nanjing Boiled Salted Duck became the best-known dish in Nanjing.Nanjing Boiled Salted Duck offers the original fresh taste of the duck. The cooking was made according to the original taste of the duck. The duck is not oily and fatty, without any bad flavor, is fresh and tender. Duck has the function of anti-inflammation, anti-aging, and very fit for Patients with cardiovascular disease.

Raised Shredded Chicken with Ham and Dried tofu

  Raised Shredded Chicken with Ham and Dried tofu is a famous dish. Because the raw material is shredded very thin, after boiling in chicken soup, absorb taste each other, very delicious, thus got the name. Dried tofu is purely white with colorful ingredients and looks beautiful. The dried tofu is shreded thin, taste soft but resistent.  The origin of the dish is related with the emperor Qianlong traveling to the south of China. Emperor Qianlong once visited south of China many times. At that time, the local officer hired many famous cook for emperor. There is one soup with the name “Jiusi” which got the attention of emperor. It is made by shredded dried tofu, mushroom, silver fish, bamboo, laver, egg skin, fresh chicken, boiled in the soup made by sea cucumber, shark fin, chicken and bone. The dried shredded tofu absorbs all taste of other ingredients and very delicious. Because there are too much raw material, so many ingredients are not used, only keep shredded dried tofu, shredded chicken and shredded ham. The named changed to Raised Shredded Chicken with Ham and Dried tofu.  Way for cooking the dish:  Raw material: dried tofu, shreded cooked chicken, oil, shredded cooked ham, onion, pea seedling, salt, cooking wine, SMG, chicken soup, pork bone soup.  Cooking steps:  Dried tofu is shredded into thin slices. After rinse in salty hot water, it is dried for use. The pot is heated with oil, added with chicken soup and pork bone soup, with onion, shredded dried tofu, salt, cooking wine, all together boiled in small fire for ten minutes. The fried shredded tofu absorbs enough soup and turns fresh. Before moving out of pot, it is added with pea seedlings, SMG and pork oil. Then it is poured into container together with shredded chicken and ham.  P.S: The dish demands high on cutting skill. The cook needs to cut the dried tofu into very thin slices.

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