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Beijing Layover Food Tour

Do you love to explore local food when you enter a strange country? You might be bored to eat similar food at the airport after a long flight journey, why not try some traditional Chinese food during your Beijing layover tour.


Since eating food might be easy for a traveler to explore the essence culture of Old Beijing, today I will tell you how to explore Beijing by food.


1. Peking Duck

You must hear famous Peking Duck when you were a little kid, and its pretty easy to find a restaurant to sample the delicious duck on this origin place. Crispy skin on the outside and juicy meat inside on a perfect oven, served with sauce and other ingredients, not greasy at all.

Recommend brand: Quanjude, Dadong, Sijiminfu



2. Dumplings

Inside of dumplings are filled with different meat or vegetables and cooked by various methods, such as steamed, fried or boiled. Its a popular dish in Chinese restaurants.



3. Roujiamo or Jianbin

In Beijing, you can see many stalls selling this street food, easy to make and very delicious. Just like hamburger in western countries with meat, vegetables and easy to take.



4. Hot Pot

Did you ever try hot pot? Or maybe you have seen peoples reaction after tasting hot pot. Its quite funny and challenging for most of foreigner travelers. Indeed, its very tasty and popular in China, especially in Chengdu and Chongqing. I am sure youll salivate for this amazing food in China.



On this food tour, you can easily get to know Chinese culture and savor different types of popular food in China. 

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The Most Popular Beijing Layover Tour

Are you going to have a long layover in Beijing? Take the best chance to know and visit the most famous, historical and cultural sites in Beijing, such as the Tiananmen Square (the most important square in the whole China), the Forbidden City (ancient home of emperors) and Mutianyu Great Wall (one of the new 7 wonders of the world). You'll be provided with a hotel near the airport in order to save your time to catch the next flight.


Mutianyu Great Wall and Forbidden City-Beijing Layover Overnight Tour

24 hours from|$65

Do you have an 8-hour layover in Beijing late in the evening? Believe it or not, you can still see the Great Wall at night on your layover. Slip away from the not so cozy airport seats and go wild at the only section of the Simatai Great Wall open for a night tour and wander at the ancient water town at the Gubeikou Water Town during your 8 hours layover in Beijing. Our tour guide and driver will pick you up from the airport and send you straight to Gubeikou Water Town to see the entire water town lit up at night giving you a backdrop clear view of Simatai Great Wall and the stars too!! Walking through the ancient water town admire green waters running across rows of ancient residential houses and listen to the guide's commentaries then get to the foot of Simatai Wall and start your excursion on this steep and treacherous wall riding the cable car up (very convenient) to admire the awe-inspiring original appearance of wall blended with changing dramatic views beautifully lit up by lanterns. After the wall visit, you will be sent back to the airport. Optional: Peking duck dinner USD50 per person


Simatai Great Wall & Gubeikou Water Town Layover Night Tour from Beijing Airport

8 hours from|$115

Have a Beijing Layover Landing Beijing after 4 PM? Enjoy symbolic and grand Tiananmen Square under the reflection of neon lights, explore history from the exterior of Forbidden City moat and watch tower. Experience vibrant Beijing nightlife in Houhai Lake. Feast your eye with vast area of beautiful lake with have a breath of fresh air on your Beijing layover night tour.


Beijing Layover Night Tour: Exterior of Forbidden City, Tiananmen, Houhai Lake

5 hours from|$71

Beijing has all the conveniences of any large city but is still bursting with culture and history which is why you shouldn’t miss out on any chance that presents itself to explore no matter how short your layover is. We have custom made this 5 hours layover tour that lets you explore the Summer Palace; the largest iconic lakeside retreat for royalty blended with an imperial garden, beautiful landscape and typical Chinese architecture followed by a stopover at the monumental 2008 Olympics Center to take an exterior tour and photos with the renowned Bird’s Nest and Water Cube.


Beijing Captivating Olympics Center and Summer Palace Layover Tour with Airport Transfer

5 hours from|$60
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