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Beijing Layover Tour with Baby

Parents might be nervous if traveling with baby in a different country for a layover tour from the airport, since there are lots of concerns to be considered during Beijing layover tour from airport transit.



24/144-hours free visa application procedure, please check here.



If you would like to do a layover tour from Beijing airport, we advise you to exchange some cash in advance or exchange a small amount of RMB at banks of Beijing airport.




On the outside of Beijing airport, there are many taxies to take. Price varies from where and when you are going.



There are subways from T2 and T3 to the downtown area(Sanyuanqiao Station and Dongzhimen Station), around 10 minutes per switch. Price for each way is about $4. It’s very convenient to visit some attractions in the city center of Beijing.



We don’t advise to take bus when you are traveling with baby or kids, the transportation might be terrible and difficult to get to attractions you want to visit. Please choose the most accessible way according to kid’s condition.



Before you start your Beijing layover tour, remember to check the weather first. It might be cool in the early morning and evening even in summer.



Please write your hotel name, address and hotel contact number in Chinese characters on a paper, so that you can ask people or driver how to get there. Save the address on your google map as well.


Additional List

1. Stroller/baby back/front harness

One of them would save much energy if you are going to visit Beijing during the layover tour. But for Great Wall part, we don’t advise stroller since it’s pretty uneven and needs to trek a long time. Recommend Mutianyu Great Wall layover tour for parents, well-preserved and less steep, take the round-way cable car and slide down by toboggan with much fun and easy to save energy.


2. Dry and wet wipes

It will help you a lot when cleaning dirty hands or sweat. Many places don’t provide toilet paper or napkins in China.


3. Baby personal hygiene products

As you know, towels in hotel are reusable. For baby’s health, please bring their shower gel, brush, towel and bath towel.


4. Purchase some liquid food for baby

5. Don’t drink tap water, prepare a vacuum cup or buy bottled water

6. Bring baby favorite milk power

7. Medication

Take a list of medication you are taking or family member is taking, translate to simplified Chinese just in case emergency.

Got Question & Quick Answer

The Most Popular Beijing Layover Tour

Fully immerse yourself in Chinese history as hiking on the mind-blogging Great Wall at Mutianyu section and feast on the well-famous Peking Roasted Duck. Choose between taking the cable car back down or zooming down the hill on a toboggan, what fun tour to spend your layover time in Beijing.


Mutianyu Great Wall Layover Tour Tasting Famous Peking Roasted Duck

7 hours from|$92

Planning a getaway? or are you looking for a transit visa-free Beijing tour? Well, your dream vacation is just a phone call or just a click away!!! Our Beijing layover tours are particularly custom made for tourists who wish to get the most of what Beijing has to offer within a limited time frame. Perhaps you have a layover of two days use this short time to visit Beijing highlights and create perpetual memories. Our itineraries below can be tailored according to your specifications and schedule.


Visa-free Discovery Beijing Layover Tour(1 Night/2 Days)

48 hours from|$150

Arrive at Beijing airport in the very early morning and want to make full use of your Beijing layover time? Enjoy breathtaking sunrise on the Great Wall at Huanghuacheng section, the only section sank into water creating beautiful scenery. Explore Chinese history as visiting centuries-old Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City, wouldn’t be a once-in-a-lifetime trip in China?


Huanghuacheng Great Wall Sunrise and Forbidden City Layover Tour from Airport

8 hours from|$100

Planning a getaway? or are you looking for a 144 hours visa-free Beijing tour? Beijing as a city wraps up as the heart of China and is a cradle of what we see now. A 6 days tour into Beijing unwraps a variety of aspects ranging from the immense proportions of fortifications at the Great Wall, imperial structures such as the Forbidden City and the utmost divine temples and palaces for emperors of the previous dynasties that still stand tall. Let us take you out and about the city to see to the must-sees of China.


144 Hours Visa-free Popular 5 Nights 6 Days Beijing Tour with Airport Transfer

144 hours from|$300
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