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Tips for Beijing Night Tour

Beijing, a vibrant city, has a series of activities to explore at night. There are several tips to find beauty during your Beijing night tour.


Where to Go?

Let's say it from two aspects, which attraction can you visit at night and where to explore other interesting activities.


Attractions you can visit on Beijing Night Tour

1. Tiananmen Square

It has been said it’s the biggest city square in the world, you’ll overlook the portrait of Mao Zedong, the founder of the People's Republic of China. It will be more stunning than daytime.



2. Houhai Lake

Walk around the Houhai Lake, appreciate the illuminated lake rippling in the soft wind. But if you explore further, you’ll find a very vibrant street which is called Houhai Bar Street, go into any distinctive bars, ask for a drink and listen to their melodious live music to enjoy this happy moment on your Beijing night tour.



3. The Place

The Place is one of the prosperous sites in Beijing, locates in the shopping center. Its a trendy shopping mall, dining and recreation place, but what made it special? It should be the middle of two buildings, which is said the biggest sky-screen in Asia and an iconic creation in Beijing. Every time you look up, you will see a wonderful world!



4. CCTV Headquarters

This is an outstanding and complicated project in Beijing, a tower soaring skyward. Experience the rapid growth of China modernity.


5. Olympic Park

You must have heard Bird Nest and Water Cube, which are the host stadium of the  Beijing Olympic Games. These two unprecedented buildings are more fabulous under illuminated night as if you are in a dazzling and colorful world.



6. National Center for the Performing Arts

Another great architecture provides audiences wonderful music, theater performances and opera. The exterior building looks a big egg floating in the water in the daytime, while it seems like a great blue ocean when it was lit up in the evening, very stunning!


7. Wangfujing Snack Street

Where to explore street food? Wangfujing Street should be on your list. It has various food you never tried, like traditional Beijing Baodu爆肚), Fried Guanchang炸灌肠), Candied Haw in a Stick. If you are bold enough, try scary street food like silkworm etc. Anyway, its a good place to enjoy Chinese delicious street food on your Beijing night tour.



8. Sanlitun Bar Street

This is the most visited street for foreigners. Every bar decorated with western European style mixed with modern style. Meet someone from other countries and chat for a while, it would be nice for having a delectable drink. Besides, dance with music to free yourself.



9. Simatai Great Wall

We’ve already talked about the places in the downtown area. But Simatai Great Wall for Beijing night tour is the perfect choice to explore and is the only Great Wall opened at night. Appreciate charming Gubei Water Town casting with colorful lights and experience the inner beauty of Great Wall by hiking. Enjoy beautiful stars in the sky if possible. That will be a memorable Beijing night tour in your lifetime.

Got Question & Quick Answer

The Most Popular Beijing Tour

We’ll visit two scenic spots which witness China’s glorious past and greatness. Standing on the Badaling Great Wall, you might wonder how could mankind have done this marvelous wall and view awe-inspiring sights, the grand architecture may bring you a sense of tranquility from inner anxiety. Ming Tombs where emperor built himself a beautiful estate is giving you a sense of ancient China’s wealth and power. Join us to explore historical stories.


1 Day Beijing No Shopping Tour at Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs (Changling)

1 days from|$75

Your tour is incomplete until you have experienced Beijing’s colorful nightlife. Their evenings are full of art shows and unique performances. Ditch the pub, watch a Chinese acrobatics or a Kung Fu show. If you want to enjoy the traditional Beijing, book your place at the Peking Opera. Our Beijing night tour has a lot to offer you! Meanwhile, you can enjoy the traditional food of China (dumpling).


Beijing Night Show With Dinner Tour

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Great Wall is one of the eight wonders of the world and very worthwhile to visit. From the winding path up and down the hills, you have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery nearby at the same time experiencing the pleasure of climbing up the Great Wall. However, bathing in the Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Spa in the afternoon offers you full relaxation and releases you from tension and fatigue. Consider this a body comforting tour!!!


Beijing Day Tour to Mutianyu Great Wall and Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Spa

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Discover the classic Beijing sights on a full-day sightseeing tour with Mutianyu Great Wall and the Ming Tombs, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Enjoy this world-famous landmark without the crowds and get to enjoy spectacular views after walking or taking the cable car up the wall then you stopover for lunch before moving to the impressive royal Ming Tombs before drop off. Spend an unforgettable day at China's most beloved and popular symbol.


Beijing Private Tour to Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs

1 days from|$40
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