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Beijing City Tour

It will be pretty simple to visit Beijing in the downtown area, conveniently connects with subway and bus. Beijing city tour takes travelers to explore the essence of the city and experience the authentic local history and culture.


What You Can See on Beijing City Tour?

The most popular Beijing city tour must be the imperial tour, which leads you to enjoy 3 UNESCO Heritage Sites in one day, wander on the historic Tiananmen Square where chairman announced the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, explore Chinese history and appreciate exquisite architecture at Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, enjoy charming landscape at the royal retreat garden-Summer Palace. For our iconic Beijing city tour must be Beijing culture trip including Lama Temple, Hutong area and Beijing Zoo, Olympic Park and Jingshan Park.



1. Hotong

There are lots of attractions to explore for your Beijing city tour. Start with historic relics-Hutong. The Hutongs are residential neighborhoods which still form the heart of Old Beijing. Discover the ancient and modern China inside the Hutongs which represent an important cultural element of the city of Beijing. Take a unique rickshaw to enjoy the layout of hutongs.


2. Lama Temple

Hailed as one of the city’s most famous monasteries, the Lama Temple boasts five opulent halls replete with colorful carvings, sacred objects and detailed murals. Walking through the impressive labyrinth and learn about the cultural significance of the enormous Maitreya Buddha, a statue that stands 18 meters above the ground.


3. Bell and Drum Tower

Lying on the north-south axis line of Beijing City, Bell and Drum Towers are visibly prominent constructions and represent the symbol of this old city. The bell and the drum were originally used as musical instruments in China. Afterward, however, they were used for telling time.


4. Temple of Confucius and Guozijian Museum

Guozijian Museum was the national highest institute of learning in China's traditional educational system during the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. While the near Temple of Confucius is the place where imperial officials used to pay their formal respects to Confucius.

5. Prince Gong’s Mansion

Mansion of Prince Gong is the best-preserved mansion in China and it is also the only mansion built in the Qing Dynasty which is open to the public. This fine example of ancient Chinese architecture with its cultural connotations is important for its aesthetic value.



1. Beihai Park

Beihai Park, an imperial garden to the northwest of the Forbidden City. The oldest and best-preserved imperial park in China, and one of its largest gardens, Beihai boasts more than 800 years of history and contains numerous historically important structures, palaces, and temples.


2. Jingshan Park

Jingshan Park locates behind the Forbidden City, a hill with the great spot to overview of grand Forbidden City and Beijing.


3. Houhai Lake

Currently, Houhai Lake is an entertainment block with bars, clubs, and restaurants lining the waters. During the day, roam along the lakes promenades, appreciate charming lake scenery, explore the nearby historic buildings and the temples. 


Amusements & Arts:

1. Beijing Zoo

Beijing Zoo shouldn’t be missed for panda lover, enjoy their playing, nibbling bamboo, climbing trees or sleeping. The national creature always brings travelers so much happiness.


2. Nanluoguxiang

A quaint area home to cafes, bars, and shops that sell traditional crafts. Enjoy the bustling shopping street and experience the unique Hutong mixing with ancient and modern buildings.


3. 798 Art Zone

This dynamic warehouse district is now packed with galleries, art centers, artists' studios, design companies, restaurants, coffee shops and bars. A fantastic place for photos, and you can find much peculiar art stuff here.


4. Wangfujing Street

A popular shopping street with up-scale markets, enjoy shopping around and taste local delicious food at the Wangfujing Food Street.


5. Sanlitun

Discover the trendy Sanlitun Bar Street quarter, one of Beijing’s most popular nightlife hubs.


6. The Place

A popular shopping plaza crowned by a vast overhead LED screen in Asia. In the evening, it shows the brilliant and rolling scene, which looks stunning.


Modern Buildings:

1. Olympic Park

The hosting place for the 2008 Olympic Games with unprecedented architectures of Bird's Nest and Water Cube displaying colorful lights casting a bright and dazzling world in the evening.


2. CCTV Headquarters

The most remarkable architecture in China, it is the new central television headquarters. Some people called it the world’s most complex building and it costs around $750 million.


3. National Center for the Performing Arts

The exterior of the theater is a titanium glass dome that is completely surrounded by a man-made lake. It looks like an egg floating on water. Inside decoration is quite stunning too, large halls for concerts, operas and plays, everyone who loves performance should enjoy this place, and many world-classic performances hold here.

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Got Question & Quick Answer

The Most Popular Beijing Tour

On this unforgettable day, the tour guide will take you to visit the Badaling Great Wall, one of the best-preserved parts of this colossal structure and the most popular section of the fortification located in the suburban areas. Enjoy free time on this segment of the world wonders and you'll be amazed by the accomplishments of ancient Ming dynasty.


Half Day Beijing Tour to Badaling Great Wall with Lunch

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Mutianyu section of the Beijing Great Wall is the perfect place to enjoy China's amazing landscape. Get startled by the marvelous ever-changing views and dramatic perspectives from different parts of the wall as you hike. Similar to the Badaling section it dates from the Ming Dynasty era but then this section of the wall is less crowded than Badaling. Revel in the landscape in your free time before transferring back to the hotel.


Half Day Beijing Tour to Mutianyu Great Wall

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Discover the most popular attractions in Beijing on this Full day tour, all-inclusive tour of the city with a private guide. On this stress-free tour, learn about imperial China with its huge Palace Museum, stroll the world's largest public square with a history of important events then enjoy the natural and architectural wonder of the Great Wall at the Badaling section.   


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We’ll visit two scenic spots which witness China’s glorious past and greatness. Standing on the Badaling Great Wall, you might wonder how could mankind have done this marvelous wall and view awe-inspiring sights, the grand architecture may bring you a sense of tranquility from inner anxiety. Ming Tombs where emperor built himself a beautiful estate is giving you a sense of ancient China’s wealth and power. Join us to explore historical stories.


1 Day Beijing No Shopping Tour at Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs (Changling)

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