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Quick Way to Know Where to Visit in Beijing

As the capital of dynasties of one thousand years, there are many amazing historic sites in Beijing. If you have a freelance tour, better arrange at least 5 days of travel. In terms of transportation, the metro network in the city center is well developed, taxi fares are cheap. Beijing Tour wrote the following travel portfolio for the dummy, including the arrangement of scenic spots, hotel selection, transportation preparation, and other matters needing attention, for your reference before you travel.


Category I: Beijing Tour Must Go:

Forbidden City, Great Wall


Category II: Beijing Tour Top Level Choice:

Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, Tiananmen Square


Category III: Beijing Tour Average Pick :

Lama Temple, Hutong, Shichahai, Sacred Way, Bird’s Nest and Water Cube


Category IIII: Being Tour Self-interest Safari:

Prince Gong’s Mansion, 798 Art Zone, CCTV Headquarters, Niujie Mosque, Pinggu Glass Plank, Beijing Zoo, National Center for the Performing Arts


For hotel selection, for 1-day layover tour, downtown area or hotel near airport is a good choice. For Beijing Tour more than 2 days, we highly recommend downtown area within 4 rings, then you’ll save lots of time for transportation.


You may travel on your own with MTR card sold at airport express and MTR customer service centers. There is a convenient commute in downtown city and airport with your metro card solely. Taxi might be a good option too but better avoiding the traffic jam. Remember to bring cash with you!


Beijing Tour provides your professional guide and driver at your request. According to your interest and time, your professional tour guide will make a tailored itinerary to make your best Beijing Tour. You’ll concentrate your attention on historical architecture, mysterious Chinese culture and history, compelling landscapes.


Check the weather before departure and bring items that needed for traveling.

Got Question & Quick Answer

The Most Popular Beijing Tour

On this tour discover two of China's UNESCO World Heritage Sites in one day, explore the Badaling Great Wall and get surprised by the peaceful feeling at the emperor’s tomb of Ming Dynasty. Admire the views for the time you need and get the knowledge of history and culture from our professional tour guide.


1 Day Beijing Tour to Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs

1 days from|$40

  China is an ideal destination for honeymoon tours. Here we have charming landscapes, ancient culture, modern wonders, friendly people and delicious cuisine. Spend the honeymoon in China and create everlasting sweet memories with the honeymoon tours. This tour combines Beijing's history and culture with the beauty of Guilin. In Beijing, you experience the iconic landmarks with a long history. In Guilin, you will appreciate natural astonishing beauty here. Biking around the countryside and a cooking class offer you more romance.


8 Days Beijing and Guilin Tailor-made Honeymoon China Tour

8 days from|$760

See the selected landmarks of Beijing day tour that includes the Summer Palace, the Beijing Zoo and the Sacred Way of Ming Tombs. Walk through the majestic gardens and grounds of the Summer Palace, visit the giant panda at the Zoo for fun, have an authentic Chinese lunch, stroll along the Sacred Way leading to Ming Tombs lined with vivid stone figures. The 1-day tour is fully-packed with the best scenery, lovely animals and exquisite crafts from ancient relics.


Beijing Day Tour to Beijing Zoo, Summer Palace, Sacred Way of Ming Tombs

1 days from|$60

On this unforgettable day, the tour guide will take you to visit the Badaling Great Wall, one of the best-preserved parts of this colossal structure and the most popular section of the fortification located in the suburban areas. Enjoy free time on this segment of the world wonders and you'll be amazed by the accomplishments of ancient Ming dynasty.


Half Day Beijing Tour to Badaling Great Wall with Lunch

0.5 days from|$70
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