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What the Differences between Beijing Group Tour and Beijing Private Tour

For travelers, it’s very important to save time and money during travel. You may find an answer from choosing Beijing private tour or Beijing group tour.



Beijing Group Tour 

1. At least 2 persons booking.

2. It sets up a specific time to pick up, after collecting all customers from different hotels, the driver will send customers to attractions.

3. It doesn’t have other activities or spots which didn’t list on the itinerary. It’s a fixed route.

4. If you want to book a hotel for your Beijing group tour, we advise it’s within the 4th ring road so that it can save much time in picking up from different hotels.

If you aren’t rush and want to save money, you can consider Beijing group tour.




Beijing Private Tour

1. Private tour for just you and your party, no other group will join.

2. You can get a personal tour guide. We have English, German, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish speaking tour guide.

3. Private guides will take you where you want to go, when you can go, and stay with you for as long as you wish. It can be flexible according to your interest and pace.

4. A private air-conditioned vehicle according to your group size and flexible pickup time and location(hotel or airport).

5. If you have other interesting attractions, tell your private tour to arrange a tailored tour for you.

6. Have VIP pass to the attractions, no need for queuing up.

It is more flexible than a group tour, choose Beijing private tour if you want a hassle-free Beijing tour.

Got Question & Quick Answer

The Most Popular Beijing Tour

While contemplating your tour to the most populous country in the world you should at least have this two ancient cities in mind. Beijing and Xi'an, these cities are not only about 1200 km away from each other but are cities you can tour hand in hand. Travel from Beijing to Xi'an with one of our most popular handpicked tour packages and very flexible itineraries and expand your understanding of China.


4 Days Well-known Highlights Tour to Beijing and Xian In High Speed Train

4 days from|$360

This tour not only consists highlighted historical sites but also beautiful scenery spots around Beijing, you can have a better understanding of imperial culture and lifestyle of Beijingers. You’ll meet adorable giant pandas, one exciting activity is walking on the transparent glass bridge which built on the mountain, you’ll appreciate awe-inspiring vision from the top. Be brave!


4 Days Beijing Tour Challenging Shilinxia Glass Viewing Platform

4 days from|$334

Sightseeing the impressive hot spots in Beijing, take your time, you can view slowly and feast on beautiful landscape and architectures on the top of Jingshan Park, enjoy happy time with cute pandas, visit hutongs when sitting on a rickshaw and typical temple with big wooden Buddha. Everything has arranged perfectly by your professional tour guide, just pack your bag and join this tour.


One Day No Shopping Tour for Panda and City Highlights

1 days from|$70

Let’s explore imperial culture from these renowned architectures or buildings, we’ll experience how emperors entertain in spare time, how they think of death, how they worship for good luck. Everything here seems related to a sense of ritual. You’ll sincerely feel imperial majesty in your inner heart. What’s more, you’ll appreciate the astonishing project in the world by climbing Great Wall.


2 Days No Shopping Classic Beijing Tour

2 days from|$142
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