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Beijing Food Tour| What and Where to Eat in Beijing

There are many delicious food to enjoy in Beijing, dont miss them out while traveling in Beijing. Check with insiders!


1. Peking duck

For travelers, they would like to taste famous Peking duck, which was roasted for hours in an oven. The meat is juicy with crispy skin. Pick the traditional ingredients such as spring onion, cucumber and sauce, roll them together in the pancakes, its very delicious.

Recommend restaurants: Quanjude Peking Duck, Sijimenfu Peking Duck, Dadong Peking Duck



2. Dumplings

Dumplings are very popular in China. You can find many restaurants selling different dumplings which were steamed, fried and boiled in different ways, some are even colorful after using natural ingredient in the dough. In general, it consists of meat and vegetable fillings wrapped in thin flour wrapper, various filling has different taste, some of dumplings even have soup inside. Baozi, Jianbing(pancake), Huntun, Jiaozi are highly recommended.





3. Hot Pot

You can try spicy hot pot whenever you come to Beijing, this is well-known food all over the world. Pick your favorite meat and vegetables, put them in the boiling pot, make your preferred sauce to your taste.

Recommend restaurants: Haidilao Hot Pot


4. Baodu

Traditional Baodu you should try when you travel in Beijing. Fresh cow or lamb stomach was sliced and boiled, then add sauce, vinegar, spicy oil, bean soup and other flavors, taste very tender and palatable.

Recommend restaurants: Baodu Wang, Baodu Feng



5. Other traditional food

If you want to eat like local, we recommend hutong tour with lunch cooked by a family host, youll taste delicious home-made food. Other food you can try are fried pig liver, stewed pork, Zhajiangmian.  


Stewed Pork


Fried Pig Liver



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The Most Popular Beijing Tour

This 5 days tour itinerary will let you share the historical sites in two cities, like Forbidden City and the Heaven of Temple, Great Wall in Beijing, and the Mountain Resort and its outlying temples in Chengde, all of these sites can experience the authentic Chinese culture during your schedule.


5 Days Beijing and Chengde Jingshanling Great Wall Tour

5 days from|$319

With this four days Beijing tour, you’ll visit classic hot spots with time-honored architectures and get acquaintance with Chinese history and imperial culture. Have a panoramic perspective for Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City when standing on the top of Jingshan Pack; Visit imperial worship palace, imperial garden and tombs. Take a challenge to climb up to the top of Great Wall; Have a glimpse on the rickshaw when touring hutongs where reflect authentic ancient Beijing culture; Get a close contact with cute pandas, I’m sure you’ll definitely love this city.


4 Days Classic Beijing Tour with Airport Pickup

4 days from|$270

Escorted by a local experienced tour guide, take a 4 days private imperial tour to walk through the sacred Tiananmen Square, discover the majestic Forbidden City, explore the respectful Temple of Heaven as well as the verdant gardens of the Summer Palace, experience the UNESCO world heritage Badaling Great Wall, marvel at the unique design of Ming Tomb(Changling), take photos of the lovely pandas in Beijing Zoo, take the rickshaw and view traditional parts of Beijing Hutong. The tour covers hotel pick-up & drop off, private tour guide and air-conditioned car/van.    


Private 4 Days Beijing Tour Package Include Beijing Top Attractions

4 days from|$270

Want to explore Beijing at night? This night tour will give you a different perspective of Beijing and tour the charming and popular landmarks, experience the night life of Beijing. With a private tour guide companion, listen to commentaries of each spot and enhance your travel experience in China!


Beijing City Night Sightseeing Tour

0.5 days from|$56
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