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Where to Shop in Beijing

Beijing is a modern and developed city, mix of traditional buildings and towering shopping malls. Want to know where to shop in Beijing? Let’s explore with us!


1. Xiushui Street

For most visited shopping mall for foreigners in Beijing, it should be famous Xiushui Street. It was thought as important as Great Wall, Forbidden City and Peking duck when having a Beijing tour. It sells various good products ranging from clothing, shoes to silk, pearls and china. You can haggle down prices and improve your bargaining skill.


2. Wangfujing

One of the beloved commercial street for shopaholics, there are many trendy luxurious brands, such as LV, Gucci, Miu Miu etc. The street is less than one kilometer long, but very crowded every day. It was considered as the Champs-Elysees Avenue in France.

3. Sanlitun

It’s not only a fabulous commercial street but also the fashion center. Furthermore, it’s famous for the bar street and wonderful nightlife.



4. Xidan

This is a perfect blend and eastern and western buildings, luxury and cheap items are in one area.



5. Nanluoguxiang

The popular destination for traveler who loves culture, stalls line up along the street, there are some distinctive stores selling cheongsam, artificial crafts and boutique souvenirs. Wondering in these authentic streets is very interesting as one can witness the traditional way of living in the Hutong area. 

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The Most Popular Beijing Tour

Under our knowledgeable guide, let’s view excellent landscapes on Juyongguan Great Wall, deliberate on mysterious and exquisite architecture and explore ancient profound history and culture at Changling in Ming Tombs, it would be an exciting day. Let’s join!


No Shopping Day Tour to Juyongguan Great Wall, Sacred Way, Ming Tombs(Changling)

1 days from|$74

See the incandescent beauty of Beijing when night falls and it sparkles up during this night tour that let's you experience a stunning acrobatic show followed by a wonderful hot pot dinner then finally stroll outside of the Bird's Nest and Water Cube, which are beautifully lit at night and will remind you of the monumental 2008 Olympics ceremony.


Beijing acrobatic show and hot pot dinner Tour

1 days from|$59

Beijing is not only a modern metropolitan city but also the heart of some of the most iconic and famous sights in the country. With startling stories hidden in the palaces, temples, imperial gardens, museums and Hutongs all waiting for you to explore. Xian, on the other hand, is the birthplace of Chinese civilization and home to Terracotta Warriors and Horses.


2 Days Beijing 2 Days Xian Cultural Tour in Small Group

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This 5 days tour itinerary will let you share the historical sites in two cities, like Forbidden City and the Heaven of Temple, Great Wall in Beijing, and the Mountain Resort and its outlying temples in Chengde, all of these sites can experience the authentic Chinese culture during your schedule.


5 Days Beijing and Chengde Jingshanling Great Wall Tour

5 days from|$319
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