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How to Save Money for Your Beijing Tour

If you want to travel to more places in Beijing, try these tips to save money!


1. Use IC card

It’s very easy to buy an IC card at any subway so that you can take public transportation every day for your Beijing tour.


2. Take public transport

Beijing has developed subway system, and there are many buses to go attraction destination, use your Google map to check how to arrive there. Besides, riding a bicycle is a good way when touring the city center since the attractions are very near.


3. Choose cheap hotel

It will save much when you selected a cheap hotel, we advise you to book a hotel within the 4th ring road.


4. Enjoy Chinese food rather than western food

Believe me, it would cost much on Western Food in Beijing. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Sample authentic Chinese food brings you a different feeling about taste, and you can easily learn locals lifestyle and Chinese culture.


5. Don’t overorder when you eat out

If you are not sure the food size, ask the waitress for help.


6. Visit free attractions

There are many free attractions that you can explore, such as Tiananmen Square, 798 Art District, Houhai Lake, Hutongs, Nanluoguxiang, Shichahai, Olympic Park, China National Film Museum, etc.


7. Bargain when Shopping

We can’t bargain at an upscale shopping mall, like Sanlitun and Wangfujing. Check out at Xiushui Street, it needs good bargain skills to get the product at your expected price.  


8. Take advantage of the season discount

If you come to Beijing in winter, the flight, hotel and entrance fee might be less expensive. And it would be less crowded than high season, wouldn’t it be nice for you to have different travel experience.


9. Join in a Great Wall group tour

If you have enough time, join in a Great Wall group tour. It’s very far to reach the Great Wall, if you take a bus, you will wait for quite a long time. For attractions in the city center, you can arrange most of them through public transport. 

Got Question & Quick Answer

The Most Popular Beijing Tour

Take 1 day to fully explore Mutianyu Great Wall, the essence of the Great Wall and the most visited section of Great Wall of China. Enjoy the charming scenery and learn Chinese profound history. Besides, you can make friends from all over the world, isn’t it great?


Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall In-depth Bus Tour

1 days from|$70

On this unforgettable day, the tour guide will take you to visit the Badaling Great Wall, one of the best-preserved parts of this colossal structure and the most popular section of the fortification located in the suburban areas. Enjoy free time on this segment of the world wonders and you'll be amazed by the accomplishments of ancient Ming dynasty.


Half Day Beijing Tour to Badaling Great Wall with Lunch

0.5 days from|$70

  This private tour is less crowded but a popular section to enjoy original Great Wall at Simatai and Gubei Water Town. The Gubei Water Town resembles the famous Water Town in the south of China, Wuzhen. It is a perfect place to enjoy the green mountain, water and ancient villages. The Simatai Great Wall is one of the most magnificent section of the Wall in China. Round trip transportation, English-speaking tour guide included in the tour.


Unexpected Beauty Beijing Tour to Gubei Water Town and Simatai Great Wall

1 days from|$79

Experience the spectacle that 3,000 years of Chinese history has produced on this 2 days tour as you visit the outlying UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Chengde at the Imperial Summer Palace Mountain Resort, Puyou Temple, Putuo Zongcheng Temple and Puning Temple. Through this short two days in Chengde come, seek and discover the magic of the ancient Chinese emperor's Buddhist culture while you enjoy natural landscapes.   


2 Days Tour of Chengde Summer Resorts

2 days from|$207
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