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How to Plan Your Beijing Day Tour?

Its pretty difficult to choose from a series of historic buildings and interesting palaces that you would like to go in one day. Weve selected popular routes for your Beijing day tour.


As you know, Great Wall and Forbidden City are most visited spots in Beijing, so take one day to explore are the perfect choice for most travelers. Youll deeply be fascinated by Chinese history as you walk in the Palace Museum or on the Great Wall.


Besides, the popular Beijing day tour are: Tiananmen Square-Forbidden City-Temple of Heaven -Summer Palace, and Great Wall-Ming Tombs. Two of the great routes to explore the life of the royal family.


If you are interested in local culture, hutongs should be a priority for your Beijing day tour. You will take a rickshaw appreciating the tranquil and beautiful hutongs, then taste home-made Chinese cuisine cooked by the local host during a family visit, chat with them about hutongs history and development.


Go to Beijing Zoo if you are panda lover, watch them eating, sleeping or playing. It would be a memorable Beijing day tour in your lifetime.


Lama Temple is a touristy place for travelers to experience the solemn religious culture. And Bird's Nest and Water Cube are renowned all over the world for complicated buildings and the host place for 2008 Olympic Games. Its worthy to take great pictures from outside.


If you are interested in other places in Beijing, your private tour guide will tailor a wonderful Beijing day tour for you. 

The Most Popular Beijing Tour

On this guided full-day trip, let us take some time off and forget all about modern landscape and architecture and purely focus on the magnificence of the historical past of Beijing. You will be escorted by a local experienced tour guide to enjoy the private Imperial Tour walking through the sacred Tiananmen Square, discover the majestic Forbidden City, explore the respectful Temple of Heaven as well as the verdant gardens of the Summer Palace.


Beijing Imperial Day Trip: Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven

1 days from|$48

Beijing includes “sightseeing, food and wine”. Chateau Changyu Afip Global Winery has a reputation of making one of the best-quality wine in China meanwhile a place for you to learn the culture and history of wine (importing wine since Tang Dynasty). Next, visit Mutianyu Great Wall section, the longest restored section of the Great Wall and enjoy the panoramic views.


Beijing 1 day Chateau Changyu Winery and Mutianyu Great Wal Tour

1 days from|$80

Historical Beijing is a true testament of how the country has grown from the historical past to the brilliant present. Essential pillars in the Chinese capital are included in this marvelous 4 days tour and you not only get the chance to tour one section of the Great Wall but two different segments of this amazing fortifications. Come into contact with the magnificence and richness of its culture covering Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall, Dingling, Temple of Heaven, Summer Place, and other leading attractions in the downtown area. The tour is private with a flexible schedule for maximizing your needs at your own pace.


4 Days Beijing Tour Covers the Famous UNESCO World Heritages

4 days from|$230

  Discover the magic of Tianjin setting apart from other tourist cities, the lifestyle of Tianjin is typical of northern Chinese cities. By coming here you can experience a typical Chinese lifestyle such as the local restaurants, tasty snacks, traditional architecture. Tianjin has many interesting places to visit including Porcelain House, Wu Dadao, Tianjin Eye, and Ancient Culture Street. The all-inclusive package includes vehicles transfer, tickets, guides and nice lunch.


1 Day Tianjin Highlights Tour in Bullet Train from Beijing

1 days from|$115
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