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Chengdu Panda Tours

1 Day Chengdu Highlight Panda Tour

1 Day|From$96

Get great photo opportunities of China’s adorable pandas. Seek the leisure life from Kuanzhai Alle...

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Volunteer Panda Wonderful Experience Tour at Dujiangyan Panda Base from Chengdu

1 Day|From$194

Experience panda volunteer program in Dujiangyan Panda Base on this Volunteer Panda Tour, get the ...

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Chengdu Panda Day Tour with Sanxingdui Museum

1 Day|From$108

Sichuan is the hometown of giant pandas. Chengdu Giant Panda Research Base is one of the most popula...

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3 Days Chengdu Tour with Airport Transfer

3 Days|From$259

   This private Chengdu 3-day tour takes you to explore the landmarks of Chengdu covering Chen...

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The Most Popular Chengdu Tours

Volunteer Panda Wonderful Experience Tour at Dujiangyan Panda Base from Chengdu

1 Day | From$194

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3 Days Chengdu Essence Tour with Sichuan Opera

3 Days | From$298

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4 Days Chengdu City Tour with Hot Pot

4 Days | From$281

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5-Day Perfect Sichuan Chengdu Panda Tour with Mount Emei Sunrise

5 Days | From$437

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Recommended China Tours with Chengdu

This magnificent Yangtze River cruise offers the best facilities, delicious food, excursions and cruising experience. Pass along the breathtaking Three Gorges during the cruise, experience the shore excursion including Shibaozhai Pagoda and Shennv Stream. Besides, explore the Research Base of cute and cuddly giant Pandas, Kuanzhai Alley, Wuhou Shrine, Jinli Ancient Street in Chengdu.  


6 Days Chengdu Tour with Yangtze River Cruise

6 Days tour|from $684

Encounter millennium culture and regions with visits to some of China's greatest and most intriguing ancient sights. In the tour, discover the imperial treasures of Beijing including Forbidden City and Great Wall; delve into cultural life of Datong, Taiyuan and Pingyao covering UNESCO heritage Yungang Grottoes and Pingyao Ancient City; soak into the momentous Terracotta Warriors in Xian; spend time with the lovable giant pandas in Chengdu; and culminate with Leshan Giant Buddha. An economic option tour but provided with an all-inclusive package covering hotel, driver, a guide and nice lunch en route. What is more, inter-city commune by bullet train makes the trip more scenic, economical and efficient.


13 Days Cultural China Tour including Beijing, Shanxi, Xian, Chengdu

13 Days tour|from $1109

Chengdu Dining

Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil

  Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil  “Brain feel numb meanwhile addict in spicy”.  Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil are so popular and everyone loves this dish. Though Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil has a short history, only with few decades, it turn into so popular in China and everywhere you can see restaurant which sell Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil. That means people had accepted this taste.  When you sit besides the table, you are expecting this dish so much. Once the dish is served, you feel so shocked. The color is complete: the duck blood had enticing bright red, yellow bean sprouts spread, green cucumber stick is so delicious, green onion embedded white, yellow and green cabbage, a big circle is surrounded by cabbage the same as a bloom flower. In the middle wrapped with the most important part: fish. Fish is cut into slice with red chili and purple potherb mustard, in a pleasant flavor. When bite anxiously, the fish taste fresh, soft and pleasant. The fish tasts not old, spicy, numb, fresh, fragrant. The numb of pepper and the spicy of Sichuan pepper works with each other, tastes very good. When almost finished, the bean sprouts at the bottom of pot is filled with spicy flavor and work as the best companion for rice. Regardless fish or bean sprout, both keep the original flavor, not oily, but perfect in taste. Once you try the dish, you will appraise it.  The fish is the fresh alive fish at the same time promote the result of pepper which reinforce Qi and nourish blood. The fish is not tough, but smooth and tender, oily but not greasy. The fish is not stink, but keep the fresh taste. The pepper is bright red, spicy but not hot, number but not bitter. The taste of Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil depends on the quality of pepper and hot pepper. The ideal hot pepper for boiled fish is “bullet” hot pepper with thick pulp, fresh color, few seed, spicy taste with little sweet. When the “bullet” hot pepper is in heat, it does not change black. The matched pepper is more choosy and only the best pepper can have the numb flavor. The skin of best pepper bears the special fragrance and the long-lasting numb. The fresh fish, vegetable, the appropriate heat, every step need to be operated well, thus the Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil with spicy, numb, tender, smooth, hot taste will be made.  Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil is very nutritious. The fish and bean sprouts contain high protein. Fish is low fat and contain unsaturated fatty acid and mineral which help to strengthen brain and prevent illness. Though cooking with large amount of oil, but while eating, only little oil. The dish had both good taste and color, once try, the spicy and numb flavor is unforgettable. You will memorize the spicy Sichuan forever.

Mapo Tofu

  Mapo Tofu  Mapo Tofu is a famous cuisine across the whole world with a spicy and numb taste. Mapo Tofu is not only a dish in Chinese table, but for foreign tourist coming to china, they like to have a try on this dish too. Mapo Tofu is a cuisine of national banquet in Apec.  Mapo Tofu is served, you will see above the white and tender tofu dotted with brown-red ground beef, green garlic root. There is red bright oil around the dish, the same as jade embedded with amber, red white and green mixed, and the tofu is complete and not break, once bite, numb, spicy and fresh and it is best companion for rice. While served, dipped in spicy sauce, then minced in the mouth, the numb and tender bean curd is so smooth and fresh with a pleasant flavor.  Mapo tofu bear the feature of numb, spicy, hot, fragrant, crispy, tender, flesh and alive. Before it is out of pan, spray appropriate ground pepper. Mapo tofu is numb which strike one’s heart; spicy, the bean sauce is made by oil pepper of clovershrub of Longtan temple, chop into pieces and cooked, added few cooked oil and pepper, spicy and fragrant. Mapo tofu bear special feature of not easy to cool down and keeping warm long time. The tofu does not have the stink flavor, but left with only pleasant flavor. The ground beef is golden yellow and almost melt in mouth. The tofu is so tender and best served with spoon. The tofu is fresh with green color, in perfect taste and color. The garlic roots is like to be picked from the garden, but bite, it is well cooked already.  In summer mapo tofu is able to help produce saliva and slake thirst, tonify spleen, good for heath and prevent illness. Tofu is a food for tonifying, preventing heat, and keeping in good health. If eating tofu often, it can tonifying, clearing away heat and moistening dryness, cleaning the stomach, detoxification and dampnessMapo tofu originated from year Tongzhi of Qing Dynasty (1862), by the bridge Wanfu in Chengdu, there is a restaurant named as Chenxingsheng. The owner of the restaurant was dead. The restaurant was run by the wife of the owner. The wife of restaurant owner has some face pock, so she got the name as “Chen mapo”. She has a special skill on cooking Tofu. Tofu cooked by her bear good taste and pretty color and loved by all diners. Tofu cooked by her is named as Chen mapo tofu. Nowadays, Mapo tofu came across abroad to Japahj, USA, UK, Vietname, Singapore, and Aussie. Mapo tofu turns into a dish of banquet from a snack. Mapo Tofu became an international cuisine and chosen as recorded by world cultural relics of Chengdu in 2010. Extraordinary are often found from the average and that is exactly for Mapo tofu. Mapo tofu is a a famous dish normal but can catch diner’s heart.

Dandan noodles

  Dandan Noodle  Dandan Noodle with peppery sauce is a famous cuisine of both Chengdu and Zigong of Sichuan. The food got the name from its unique selling method. It is said the porters peddle on the street and sell the noddle. The carrying pole is made by hard wood, on one end of pole, loaded with the operation utensils including noodle, meat, vegetable and various seasonings and on the other end of pole is loaded with furnace and small bellows. The noodle can be done immediately. The porter carry the pole on the shoulder, while walking, while selling, thus got the name “Dandan Noodle”.  One delicious Dandan Noodle need both thin and hard noodle, but crispy and fragrant broth. Both are compulsory. Alkaline noodles is preferred for its strength. Once the noodle is done, it is spread dipped with sesame oil for cooling down in order to prevent it is sticky. Dandan Noodle is famous for its broth. For its special seasoning and sauce, Dandan Noodle has many seasonings including salt, SMG, sauce, Vinegar, pepper oil, sesame oil, sugar, ground rice, bean sprouts, onion and few soup, some even add more ground peanut and sesame for more pleasant flavor. Though sound complex, it is the special for this dish. The broth of Dandan Noodle is very special, the meat had enticing tea color, salt, fresh, light spicy and sour, with rich bean sprouts flavor, very tasty.  The soup of Dandan noodle is red with some red pepper above. It excites your visual and attracts your eyesight. The good smell of Dandan noodle with heat move into your nose, the hot flavor and the fresh soup together smell good. Once bite the noodle, fresh and spicy. Your will feel so tonic after having the dish. The dish is very memorable once you try it.  In first Chinese noodle culture festival, Dandan noodle is ranked 5. Dandan noddle takes an important position in Chinese. When Xi,jinping, leader of Chinese mainland and Ma,yingjiu, leader of Taiwan met, the main dish is Dandan noodle. That means Dandan noodle is accepted by the leaders. If you come to Sichuan, a hot Dandan noddle can keep off the damp in the body, and make you so happy.

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