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Xi'an,ancient name Changan,is located in the central of the Yellow River Basin.It is known as one of the four great ancient capital cities in China and the birthplace of the Chinese nation and Oriental civilization, the starting point of the Silk Road.Area of 100 thousand square kilometers, the population of more than 8 million. In this city, you can see the history, touch the history, taste the history, feel the history. Here are the world of Terracotta Army, one of the eight wonders of the world.Do not look at Pyramid, not into Egypt; Without seeing the terracotta warriors, not come to China.Imagine you are touching a vintage wall in the light of the sunset, the vicissitudes of history feeling must bring you another time.You can also wear comfortable shoes with a camera, spend a whole day to visit Datang Furong Garden , Chinese first comprehensive display of the Tang Dynasty Royal Garden Cultural Theme Park, with your dreams of backing Tang Dynasty.There is China's largest musical fountain in the wild goose pagoda.Wandering and listening to music with the fountain, feeling the most fashionable and most classical cultural life in Xi'an. In Xi'an,we can come to enjoy a bowl of mutton bubble which is unforgettable to northwest man for a long time ,taste a memorable Chinese hamburger and enjoy a spicy fragrance in the cold noodle,these will all leave a permanent impression on the ancient city of Xi'an. In Xi'an, there is a magnificent, called Bell Tower and Drum Tower; In Xi'an, there is a delicacy gathered, called Hui Street ;In Xi'an, there is a magnificent mountain range, called Qinling Mountains;In Xi'an, there is a kind of happiness, that is,’I am in Xi'an’!You can't finish the show of the beauty of xi 'an in a couple of days and nights . You must experience the beauty by your own, once exposed, it is no longer willing to leave. Xi’anHere stand the Terracotta warriors These sculptures of Qin Shi Huang’s army are one of the major attractions for tourists. Huangthe first emperor of Chinaordered creation of these statues to be buried alongside him. The site was first uncovered in 1974 and a museum was constructed over it. Book your Xi’an terracotta warriors tour today to see these expertly modeled life-size statues.


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