City Tours In Hangzhou

Hangzhou ,the capital of Zhejiang province,is located in the southeast coast of China , praised as paradise.The area is 1.66 square kilometers with flat and dense river network,owns pleasant climate.Hangzhou has a long history of more than 3000 years. Hangzhou is a city where endows gental and mild,it like a rhythm with a story,draw you into a daydream,or a kind of enjoyment.The same feeling as the night in West lake,visitors seem like stars,gorgeous light over the sky, the still water of the lake reflect the dark city shows the vast and hazy beauty of artistic conception.However,the generous of Qiantang River makes Hangzhou a heroic momentum,the canal development let the beautiful city as usual but literary pursuits .You may can not help thinking of "The Legend of the White Snake" while see the broken bridge in shy and serious Leifeng pagoda. Hangzhou is just like a woman in the south of the Yangtze River,temperament in heaven but living in the world.Come to Hangzhou,Let us sipping a pot of Longjing ,tasting the unique charm of Hangzhou!


Recommended Hot Line
Feilai Peak
Former Residence of Hu Xueyan
Impression West lake
Lingyin Temple
Mei Jia Wu Tea Village
Mount putuo
Qiantang River
Six Harmonies Pagoda
The romance of the song dynasty
The Three Kingdom Movie Site
The Turtle Head Peninsular Park
Thousand Island Lake
Tiger Spring
West Lake
Wuzhen water town
Xitang Water Town
Xixi Wetland
Hangzhou Famous Food
Hangzhou show
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