City Tours In Suzhou

Suzhou City is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, four distinct seasons with mild climate and abundant rainfall.Suzhou seemed in the water network, the street built by the river, buildings living in the water,the bridge,river,and beautiful house looked like a traditional Chinese painting. The city of suzhou is a land of fish and rice,always famous for the elegant gardens. There is a saying that “jiangnan garden is the best in the world , suzhou garden is the best in jiangnan .Suzhou has more than 60 garden, of which Humble Administrator's Garden is the most famous.Here are lingering mountains and rivers ,lush flowers and trees, Chinese traditional garden pavilion, exquisite stone carvings, let you feel the beauty of classical gardens; This is a wonderful "small bridge, flowing water, families" of the water landscape painting, which is Zhouzhuang, Suzhou,China's first water village.The whole town is in river street, bridge and street connection with courtyards.Listen to a song in this opera,taste of Chinese tea, accompanied by boat song, take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In Suzhou ,you can enjoy the crab king, the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs.You can also drink the tea which owns full of praise by the emperor Qian Long ,taste fresh peach, candied lotus root, loquat, waxberry fresh fruit, which enough to make you a real treat. Suzhou is a "Garden City".Wandering here,the old-fashioned wood carving, embroidery, white house, cobblestone streets and boulevards is everywhere.Suzhou is famous for ancient town landscape and gardens in the world.Come to Suzhou, feeling the gentle Jiangnan.


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The Grand Canal
The Humble Administrator’s Garden
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Zhouzhuang in Four Seasons
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