City Tours In Shanxi

Shanxi, the provincial capital of Taiyuan City, is a landlocked province in China,It is located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River , the terrain is mostly hilly,mountainous area accounts for more than 80% of the total area of the province, known as the "cradle of Chinese civilization, the" Chinese ancient culture museum ". Shanxi is one of the birthplace of Chinese civilization, a large number of cultural heritage lefted in history,owns the most existing ancient buildings in China.The Mt. Hengshan, the Hanging Temple hung on the precipitous rock and sheer cliffles,thrilling and exciting;Ruicheng yongle palace owns Yuan dynasty Taoist temple buildings, murals is fabulous inside, they are amazing;Yungang grottoes impress your vision,it is magnificence;Ancient town of pingyao has a long history , around the beautiful courtyard, touch the mottled walls, all kinds of dishes,that history buff and many gourmet pasta must not miss it. Famous mountains and great rivers are like a beautiful picture scroll in Sanxi, form a lot of scenery treasure.Hukou Waterfall, the largest yellow waterfall in the world, is one of the most spectacular in the Yellow River.One of the four sacred Buddhist Mount Wutai, the Millennium Temple cluster with the smoke curl upwards, let the sacred Buddhist culture to cleanse your soul.Shanxi is the only province that has four famous Buddhist mountains.The mountain is countless,the water here can not see the end.Just waiting for you to explore slowly. Shanxi is a magical treasure.There are plenty of good places to explore and discover. With an expecting mood, let us set off quickly !


Recommended Hot Line
Chang Family Manor
China coal museum
Courtyard of Family Qiao
Datong Confucian Temple
Datong Nine Dragon Screen
Guandi temple
Hanging Monastery
Hengshan Mountain
Huayan Monastery
Hukou Waterfalls
Jin Memorial Temple
Lijiashan Village
Ping Yao Ancient City
Pusading temple
Qikou Ancient Town
Shanhua Monastery
Shuanglin Temple
The Scholar Tree Site
Twin Towers Temple
Wanfo temple
Wang Family Compound
Wutai Mountain
Yao Temple
Yingxian Wooden Tower
Yungang Grottoes
Zhangbi Ancient Castle
Shanxi Famous Food
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