City Tours In Harbin

She is an” ice city”, she is” the city of music”,she is a” Pearl under the swan”,she is "the little Paris of the Orient",she is Harbin. Located in the northernmost part of China, Harbin is China's highest latitude, the lowest temperature among the big cities.The four seasons are distinct, the winter is long and cold, and the summer is short and cool.The total area of about 54 thousand square kilometers with a population of about 9 million.Harbin is the political, economic and cultural center in the north of China,is a famous international ice and snow cultural city. In Harbin, you can see European style buildings everywhere,let you experience strong exotic amorous feelings.Wandering in the Middle of the street, you seem in a building art gallery where concentrated the essence of the western architectural art.The majestic San Sophia church,modeling of the kit kat Russia log cabin,elegant and chic gothic buildings,this is a trip to western architectural art. Skiing in Harbin,enjoy the speed and passion of the collision .There are a variety of ski area equipment, and the largest ski resort in Asia - Yabuli ski resort is also here.The annual Harbin” ice and snow festival” has all kinds of ice sculptures,colorful ice lanterns will absolutely dazzle you. Harbin also has a charming and diverse natural scenery.There is fertile soil, lush forests, rivers vertical and horizontal. The nation's largest enclosed hunting grounds - Yuquan hunting ground,the large northeast tiger wild training base-Northeast tigers garden,Sun Island,Pine Mountain,etc,attractions are all here and countless. Enjoy the ice-lanterns in winter,and cool shelter in summer.Harbin owns unique ice and snow resources,full of European style feelings,constitute a matchless beautiful picture, waiting for you careful read and taste in Harbin .


Recommended Hot Line
Central Street
Church of St. Sophia
Dragon tower
Harbin Polarland
Snow and Ice world
Snow sculpture
Stalin Park
Tiger Park
Yabuli Ski Resort
Zhaolin Park
Harbin Famous Food
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