City Tours In Chongqing

She is a city built by mountains,she is a city surrounded with fog,she is a hot summer stove,she is a bright little Hong Kong ,she is a pilgrimage to foodie,she is Chongqing. Chongqing city is located in the Yangtze River and Jialing River meet, surrounded by mountains, the river winding.There are ups and downs of mountains with hillside buildings. Therefore,Chongqing is a three-dimensional city,and praised as a mountain city. Chongqing is in red .Because it is hot in summer and warm in winter, people called him "stove”.Spicy food style, is also the label of Chongqing.Come to Chongqing,you will never miss enjoying spicy hot pot and seeing the beauty of Chongqing. Because of it is located at the confluence of the Yangtze river and Jialing river, people also called Chongqing as the foggy city.The sky and the building meet each other at the night,is like a fairyland when mist diffused.Every evening, the ups and downs of the colorful lamps among families which is glittering and sparkling , the shimmering wave of rivers and twinkling stars over the sky add radiance and beauty to each other,fantastic and charming, it is known as "little Hongkong. Chongqing has a long history of three thousand years,here are mountains, water, forest, spring, and so on, as one of the magnificent natural scenery, but also the national culture, immigrant culture, the Three Gorges culture is equal to the rich cultural landscape. Here is the mysterious town, is the paradise.You need to explore chongqing's appeal slowly.


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Goose Neck Park
Laitan Old Town
Residence of General Joseph W. Stilwell
Shennong Stream
Shibaozhai Pagoda
The Dazu Rock Carvings
Three Gorges Museum
White Emperor City
Chongqing Famous Food
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