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Dunhuang City, ancient named Sandbar, is located in the northwest of Gansu Province. It was a major town on the SilkRoad which a modern international metropolis and the important trading port in the history, equivalent of Hongkong, Shanghai at present. Dunhuang is one of the China historical and cultural city,the long history has nurtured a splendid ancient culture, the cultural relics, numerous classics literature, exquisite grotto art, mysterious strange water...... The city is still Ambilight. Dunhuang is famous for "Dunhuang caves" and "Dunhuang murals".Here are Chinese largest existing caves, "world art" of Mogao Grottoes,a large number of exquisite murals and sculptures inside, hundreds of caves in Mogao Grottoes are flying images, Mogao Grottoes is also a sign of Dunhuang's name card. Mingshashan, Crescent Spring is a pair of twin sisters in Gobi desert. Without being buried because of hill ring spring for thousands of years. It is a real rare sight that in arid desert and the water is not muddy and dry up. Yumen Pass, looking at the land one side , guarding the frontier at the same time, seemed to whisper in the desert about Tuoling sound during busy time. Not only beautiful, solemn and desolate. As if into the long river of history when you are here, to feel what is the real mood of desert. In Dunhuang, desert, Gob and sporadic camel grass are always into eyes. It means that no human habitation sight in most people's mind, a lot of poetry also has always been given a desolation to Dunhuang. Long Mogao Grottoes, wonderful Crescent Spring,the incomplete Yumen Pass and Mingsha Shan, jointly recounting the vicissitudes of history and beautiful legends of Dunhuang.


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