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Hebei province inner rings the Beijing and Tianjin, east is near Bohai sea.With a total area of 18.85 thousand square kilometers and a population of about 60 million. Terrain is complex and varied ,northwest is higher and southeast is lower. It is the only province that has the coast, the plains, the lakes, the hills, and the highlands in China . Hebei province is one of the important birthplace of the Chinese nation,a long history of Hebei has a large number of cultural relics and monuments.Come to Chengde Mountain Resort to experience the Royal Jiangnan style,in the Outer Eight Temple to study the essence of Tibetan Buddhist culture, in the Qing Dynasty Imperial Tombs to aware of the grand and holy... Come to Hebei to enjoy the charm of Chinese folk culture and folk art.Tangshan’s bone china,Baiyangdian’s reed plait,Qinhangdao's shell carving,Hengshui’s snuff bottle,Weixian County's paper-cut and so on.These ancient artifacts have condensed the painstaking efforts of the old artists, which is the accumulation of culture. Step into Shanhaiguan in spring, feeling the best in all the passes of great momentum, come to Beidaihe in summer , enjoying the sun and the beach, punt in baiyang lake in autumn,seeing reed is sparkling and water is waving in quiet time,winter to ski in Zhangjiakou, the host city of the 2022 winter olympics. The splendid history and culture of Hebei,with traditional craftsmanship and beautiful landscape of lakes and mountains,constitute a unique garden of flowers!


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