City Tours In Lanzhou

Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province, one of the important center city of West China, Lanzhou is the only capital city with the Yellow River passing through. Also it is surrounded by the mountains, and thus give the city a great scenery. Travel to Lanzhou, you must have a look from east to West for a visit on the riverside road. Drifting in the Yellow River on rubber boats, along with visiting wild geese on the sandbank, the ancient Silk Road, mother of the Yellow River, journey to the West and many exquisite sculptures, experience the Yellow River style. The waterwheel Park beside , reproduce the spectacular with water on both sides of the Yellow River 50 years ago. Lanzhou superior natural conditions produced a strange landscape ,Tulugou, a original natural scenic area, known as "fabulous green valley".Or on the Baita Mountain, Wuquan Mountain,see the crowds and traffic in the flow from top, overlooking the bustling city life. Lanzhou is a minority nationality in the city, with the largest population of the Hui population. Walk in the streets, you can see crescent Hui Islamic restaurants everywhere , and the streets filled with Roasted Mutton fragrance will make you a good appetite. This is the only city around the the Yellow River , which is a reputation for "Hand-Pulled Noodle".Here has the ancient and moving history, both forceful beautiful natural scenery. Here is the the Yellow River city - Lanzhou.


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