City Tours In Tianjin

Tianjin,simply caller Jin,is located in the hinterland of the North China Plain,east to the Bohai Sea and north to the Yanshan Mountain.Covers an area of around 11900 square kilometers and a population of 15 million.Tianjin is the biggest coastal open city in north China and known as the “sea pearl of Bohai”. Haihe river winds in the city , is the mother river of Tianjin.You can enjoy galloping on driving the boat in the Haihe river, hearing the wind whistling through the ear;You also can sit in the fantasy of the wheel - the eyes of Tianjin,overlooking the twists and turns of Haihe river . When you come to Tianjin,you can experience the interesting culture flavor.The crosstalk ,Beauty drums ,Tianjin allegro, etc..are all Chinese traditional folk art form.If you can grasp the essence, it will definitely make you laugh.The western style building of many foreign settlement are in Tianjin ,celebrities from all walks of life also left a large number of celebrities former residence.Walking in the streets and houses in these vicissitudes,you are the literati poet in those years. In Tianjin, you can eating Goubuli stuffed buns,learn doing Nirenzhang, enjoying the seaside,visiting all kinds of memorial halls.Tianjin ,the unique combination of Chinese and Western ,it sure to be an impressive travel memory.


Recommended Hot Line
Cultural Street
Five-Avenue Area
Haihe River
Jing Garden
North Jiefang Road Financial Street
The Mansion of Family Shi
The Porcelain House
Tianjin Eye
Tianjin Food Street
Tianjin TV Tower
Tianjin Famous Food
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