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where to travel in January of your china tours?

  Where to travel in January of your China tours?In January ,is suitable for where to travel?In January is winter season,cold wether in China.It is not best time for you start China tours ,But it is just less crowed than busy season.Will make your travel more smoothly.where is better place to travel in China?If you live in the cold contry it is better going to visit soth cities of China enjoy the warmer,if you are live in warm contry it is better going to noth of China to enjoy the snow beatiful views.

  where to travel in January of your China tours?-----SANYA




  Disgraced officials were sent as far away as possible and this steamy island on the edge of imperial China represented the end of the world.

  One of the best beaches in Hainan is 17miles(28km) southeast of Sanya at Yalong Bay.This 4.3-mile-long(7km) crescent shaped beach is one long strip of clean white sand bordered by rolling blue waters and luxury hotels.The pristine waters off this beach are amazingly clear with underwater visibility up to 33 feet (10m).This lends itself to great scuba diving and snorkelling,two of the most popular activities.For those who aren"t inclined to get wet,boats with glass bottoms sail the waters off the beach allowing  an equally impressive view of life under the sea.Speed demons can g for rides on motorboats or rent jet skis and zip over the waves.For something not involving water,take to the air for a seagull-eye-view of the beach by going parasailing.

  The blue sky white clouds,sunshine beach,go to the beach feeling the sea breeze quietly,listen to th sound of the waves,take some nice photos is a wonderful experience.

  In January,joy the Sanya tours for you China tours is the best choice.

  Sanya tours please check here.

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