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where is better to go to visit for your china tours on winter?

  Main features: the old saying goes, all seasons in Huangshan scenic spot, La winter scenery, only better. Huangshan Mountain winter snow can be called nature's best, is the Boutique of "best", is worthy of the Huangshan "v." To the mountain in winter, snow on the mountain to see the sea of clouds, and Hill bubble fairy springs. Coupled with fog, clouds and the Sun of beautiful, dress up like a coral blooming world Huangshan, it is paradise.


  In winter the best time to joy the huangshan tours: Huangshan the winters are long, 1340 m above sea level, winter period at the end of September to beginning of October, winter 195-227 days, from November to March next year is the whole mountain snow from December to February the following year for the most snow, is also the best season for swimming in winter.

  Huangshan in winter grounds: 1, less pure, see the scenery is definitely not the person in front of the figure.

  2, cheap: Huangshan implemented in winter low season prices, tickets priced at RMB120, excluding insurance 2 Yuan (BUSY TIME:RMB 200), accommodation (usually about 70 percent), eating cheaper. 3, winter beautiful snow and the rime, rocks were even more rugged with snow cover, winter is more clouds appear most often in season all the year round.

  Huang shan tours is you best choice for your china tours.

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