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where are you going to travel in February of your china tours?

  where are you going to travel in February of your china tours?

  you can visit Beijing for your china tours,Not crowded.The Government works have one week holiday,shops and some restaurant still open.The street decorative very beautiful,in the New Year.s day a lot fireworks.



  In 2016 the 8th of the february it is chinese new year,the Spring Festival,the most Important Traditional Festival in China.

  The festival ushers in the lunar New Year and is the West's Christmas and New Year's Eve rolled into one.From sunup  to sundown,this is a time when the whole country throws itself into celebrating and eating.

  Since that day,Chinese people hang red paper signs and lanterns outside their homes and enjoy making loud noises on New Year's Eve.Firecrackers replaced bamboo after gunpowder was invented and the main idea today is the louder and bigger,the better.

  In the daysliading up to the Spring Festival,every household gets a thorough cleaning.Since sweeping on New Year's Day it might sweep away the year's good fortune.Breaking dishes or using sharp objects is also seen as potentially unlucky.

  The holiday is a time for family celebration and nearly every university student or migrant worker heads home.It'll seem like the whole country is going somewhere at this time,whether on their way home or taking advantage of the long holiday to do some traveling.

  On New Year's Eve,once the family has been gathered,food becomes a central cosideration.Large numbers of delicacies are prepared and fish is often eaten as the Chinses word for fish is a homophone for surplus.

  Children particularly enjoy the custom of receiving red envelopes .The envelopes contain gifts of money and are distributed by family elders to young unmarried relatives.

  you can spend three days Beijing tours of your china tours than you can visit most famous place in Beijing .

  Day 1:Great wall tours and Ming tomb.

  Day 2:Tiananmen square tours,Forbidden city tours,temple of heaven tours,summer palace tours.

       Day3:Hutong,Lama temple tours,Beijing zoo(see pandas)coach tours or privates tours all the best choice.

pre:where is better to go ...

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