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Water Towns From Shanghai

There are several water towns near Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. They have much in common, such as water canals and stone bridges, but each of them has its own unique features. Most people will have difficulty choosing between the towns, deciding which to visit. We have researched each water town and made a summary for you

Ancient Town Distance Features Crowds Travel Time Rating
Nanxun Shanghai 2h Suzhou 1½h Hangzhou 1½h Traditional Chinese and Western architecture, once the wealthiest town, local people still living there, full of cultural experiences Least commercial Quiet 4 hours(2 days) 5
Tongli Shanghai 2h Suzhou 1½h Small water town with lovely typical traditional architecture and bridges, local people still living there, easy to get to from Suzhou Least commercial Quiet 3 hours 5
Xitang Shanghai 1½h Suzhou 1h Most bridges and lanes; covered waterside walks Least commercial Quiet 3 hours 4
Wuzhen Shanghai 2h Hangzhou 1h A restored old town with very good hotels Commercial Crowded 4 hours2 Days 4
Zhujiajiao Shanghai 1h Near to Shanghai, suitable for a half day tour Very commercial Over-crowded 3 hours 3
Qibao Shanghai ½h Less commercialized, singing boatwomen Over-crowded 2 hours 3
Luzhi Shanghai ½h Most bridges and lanes; covered waterside walks Less commercial Very quiet 2 hours 4
Zhouzhuang Shanghai 2h Suzhou 1h Most popular, water is not clear in the summer time Very commercial Over-crowded 2 hours 2

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xiao long bao

  The most authentic Xiao longbao in Shanghai is Nanxiang Xiao longbao.It is from Nanxiang Town, Jiading District,Shanghai.This food is famous for thin skinned,many filling,juicy,taste delicious.It is one of the traditional snacks that loved by domestic and foreign customers.  The stuffing of Nanxiang Xiao longbao  is made of fresh pork meat.There is no onions and garlic in it.Only sprinkle a little ginger and pigskin jelly, salt, soy sauce, sugar and water to modulate it.The skin is made of unfermented refined flour.The finished Xiao longbao is small and exquisite,its shape like a pagoda,translucent.When you bite it,it tastes delicious.If you eat it with ginger,vinegar,coupled with a bowl of egg soup, it tastes better.It can be bitten at the bottom edge with a small mouth, sucking juice, and then chew the entrance taste, so you can enjoy the delicious and prevent the overflow of juice soile clothes.The scene of buying Xiao longbao is bustling,the cook is also busy packing Xiao longbao.Nanxiang Xiao longbao does not have the step of skin rolling,it is pressed into cake by the cook.This is probably unique of Nanxiang Xiao longbao.Besides we cannot see the step of modulation fillings.The modulation fillings of Nanxiang Xiaolongbao is commercial secrets.It was kept by a particular person,has not been disclosed.The fastest cook can make seven Xiao longbao in one minute.The authentic Nanxiang Xiao longbao,50 grams flour can make ten Xiao Longbao, more incredible is its stuffing is twice as big as its skin.  Shanghai Nanxiang Xiao longbao has a history of more than 100 years.More than a century has passed,Nanxiang Xiao longbao has not been overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of life.The manufacturing process of Nanxiang Xiao longbao has been listed as the first batch of Shanghai intangible cultural heritage.It is currently declaring national intangible cultural heritage.If the declaration is succeed, Nanxiang Xiao longbao will become China's first national intangible cultural heritage of snack class.Nanxiang Xiao longbao went out of the country not long ago,the restaurant Guyiyuan opened a branch in Tokyo,it was welcomed by the Japanese so far.

crab shell pie

  Shanghai is a place where a variety of specialities and snacks come together.Its taste is different from the pure sweetness of Guangdong and Hongkong,also different from the spicy of Sichuan and Chongqing.Its taste is famous for mild,palatable and tasty.Crab shell pie is one of the representatives.  Crab shell pie founded in the early 1920s.It is one of the two refreshments that was frequently ordered in the tea house of old times.All of Shanghai's early tea houses,almost equipped with a vertical dryer and a flat-bottomed fryer.They sale two snacks while making it.One is crab shell pie,another is pan-fried bun.The crab shell pie is crisp and the pan-fried bun is fresh and tender,the two snacks was deeply loved by customers and became the necessary breakfast food for Shanghai people of that period.  There are two stuffing of crab shell pie. One stuffing is salty and the other is sweet.The salty flavor has the stuffing of onion, fresh meat, crab, shrimp and so on.The sweet flavor has the stuffing of sugar, rose, bean paste, jujube paste.It is golden but not coke,crisp but not scattered, fragrant but not greasy, oily but not greasy.Its shape and color, like fried exquisite crab, so named after the crab shell pie.  The newly finished crab shell pie has a strong fragrance.If you eat it,it is crisp and brittle,you will feel full of fragrance,lead you to endless aftertastes.The poetry you will smell the aroma before you see the sale store,and when you eat it,the crisp pastry will fall down,appropriately described its characteristics.It use pastry flour and yeast flour to make oblate pie.Then sprinkle a layer of sesame on the surface of the pie,put it on the stove wall and bake it.The crisp pastry plus the golden sesame will make you full of praise for it.The most famous stores who sale crab shell pie is Luochunge and Wuyuan restaurant in Shanghai.  The crab shell pie is easy to carry,easy to eat,it has strong resistance to hunger and not easy to deteriorate. It can still crisp as new if it is stored for ten days or so.It is suitable for travel and take it to home.

The new-year-cake of sparerib

  The new-year-cake of sparerib is a kind of snack in Shanghai that is economical and has a unique taste.It has a history of fifty years.  The fried and large sparerib and small and thin new-year-cake,has the fragrant and crisp flavor of sparerib as well as the soft and waxy flavor of new-year-cake.It is very tasty.The sparerib is golden color,its surface is crisp and the inner is fresh and tender.When you eat it,it is delicious and good palatability.Although the new-year-cake was wrapped in sweet sauce,your mouth is full of the fragrant flavor of meat when you eat it,but the new-year-cake remains its glutinous and sticky.The white new-year-cake,the golden,oily tender sparerib and delicious seafood sauce make an attractive fragrance.It is excellence in color, aroma and taste.  First put the flour,tapioca and egg together,make it into paste,then wrap the paste on the surface of the sparerib,fry the sparerib in oil.The new-year-cake are all hand-made with traditional method.It is waxy but not sticky, quite chew.Put the sparerib and new-year-cake together,then pour the sweet and spicy sauce.When you eat it,it is glutinous and fragrant,sweet with slightly spicy, very delicious.  You can see the new-year-cake of sparerib everywhere in Shanghai.The most famous stores are “Xiaochangzhou”and “Xiandelai”.You can try both of it and savor their differences.  The two main materials of new-year-cake of sparerib both have highly nutritional value. There are protein, fat, vitamins in sparerib and it also contains a lot of calcium phosphate, bone collagen.It can provide calcium for children and the elderly.The new-year-cake contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients.It is a nutritious food.

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