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    Covering a catchment area of 317,800 sq kilometers (122,800 sq miles), theHaiheRiveris regarded as the 'mother river' ofTianjin. It is a great contributor to the improvement ofTianjin, and ties closely to the lives ofTianjinpeople living there for generations. People visiting theHaiheRivertoday appreciate its scenic beauty as well as its historical and cultural atmosphere.

    TheHaiheRiveris a crucial river in North China formed by the convergence of five rivers inTianjin. Historically, theHaiheRiverwas open to navigation 1,800 years ago, and gradually became a junction for navigation in the Sui Dynasty (581-618). Through centuries of development, it became a trading center gathering a great influx of businessmen from around the nation. Today the former shipping center is a place for relaxation.

    Regions along the river present beautiful views starting from Sanchakou (a fork in the river) toDaguangmingBridge(one of the bridges over theHaiheRiver). Countless attractions along the banks make the river a popular holiday destination.

    Haihe Park

    Of all the sights, theHaiheParkis the most attractive. Like a jade belt attached to the river banks,HaiheParkis an ideal place for pleasure and rest. Two groups of bronze sculptures are particularly noticeable. Verdant trees, beautiful blossoms, green lawns, long corridors under ivy-laced frames, fountains, and sculptures decorate the park. Residents prefer to spend their leisure time ambling there. Visitors can get a general knowledge ofTianjinfrom the locals.

    Haihe Cultural Square

    TheHaihe Cultural Squareis a key project in the comprehensive renovation of resorts along theHaiheRiver. It gained this name from the adjoining ancient culture street. Focusing on cultural traditions and folk customs ofTianjin, the designer endowed the square with a style of solemnity and simplicity. Meanwhile, a modern element enters the design. The high-tech lighting, the causeway pavement and the wooden floor make the square a shining pearl of theHaiheRiverbank.

    Haihe FountainAmusement Park

    Completed in 1985, the playground occupies an area of 143,000 sq meters (35.3 acres). There is a spectacular colorful fountain in the central area. The park offers bumper cars, passenger-propelled airplanes, and motorcycles to visitors. In addition, in this playground are three luxurious sightseeing ships, and several speed boats offering tours along theHaiheRiver. Visitors can also enjoy a boat excursion at night. Light from both banks melts into the water and drifts off, like a rainbow.

    In addition, theWanghailouChurchlocated at the north bank of theHaiheRiveris one ofChina's cultural relics. In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), there was aWanghailouTower, a pleasure location for emperors who made trips to their provinces; the Laolongtou Rail Station is recorded as the first rail station inChina's ancient commercial ports after the Second Opium War (1856-1860). Together with the establishment of other constructive projects at that time, it is eyewitness toTianjin's development.

    With its long history and beauty, theHaiheRiverattracts visitors worldwide. It is a river endowed with sea strength and river tenderness.

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    One day walking-sightseeing tour from Beijing to Tianjin in high-speed train

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